Saturday, September 1, 2012

little rewind (Oct 2009)

1-4 stand in front of a....well, I don't quite know what this is.

Laurie is spooked by weird lady  head on a....well...I dunno what it/she is on.

Laurie is frightened by spooky fortune teller

Levi walks on giganto pencil

Davey goes up the screeny tube
Molly gets stuck on monkey bar. I adore this baby face.

I was just browsing thru old pix...always a sure way to bring up some fresh, warm tears....memories, people from the past, some still here, some not, for whatever reason....faces change, relationships do too...

God uses these things to shape and mold us. I am resting in this. It is very painful though.


Christine's Memorial Service was really quite beautiful today. It was a full house, her husband, Matt, and three young men sons all looked so dapper in suits bought by Matt's nephew (Matt is the youngest of 9). The way that Christ was glorified was just awesome. The stories told about her in her last 8 months, ahhhhhh, and then the stories told about her on her second to last Wednesday would probably bring the hardest gnostic or atheist to their knees. 

What a beautiful testament to a life lived serving Christ. 

These pix above have absolutely nothing to do with the body of this blog post except that because of Christine's testimony, I will make an effort to cherish the days that I am given and to praise the Creator in all circumstances. Stormy or cheery, dark or light...

Thank you, Kinman men, for sharing your momma/wife's story with us!

Until later


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I laughed out loud at the spooked and frightened pix; although, I am sure that I would have the same reaction. So loving these more frequent posts since I know that they take time away from your lovely family. Hope that you had a great Labor Day,


Tesha said...

So glad to hear your friends service was wonderful. Love the funny pics:)