Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cincy revisited...

this picture just makes me laugh. If a TV is on, the house could burn down around my hubby.  What is Levi doing in this pic, you ask? I just don't know.

Molly and her pool hair, Levi with his ever-serious face and the li'l Raccoon, Oliver. 

Coming down off the Family Raft...i wish I'd been able to take more pix but I was wet all the time.
We had SO. MUCH. FUN!!
David and I were like a couple of kids.

What's a trip to Cincy without dropping by IKEA quickly.
I wasn't on a shopping trip but an idea gathering trip.
Ethan just does his own thing.
We took a pic similar to this in March of 2011.

No matter where I go my remaining days on this Earth, I will always look for Jack. Ways to honor him, remember him and make sure everyone else does too.
I hope that doesn't aggravate people but if it does, I'm very sorry. :(
What a cute name he has...Jack Oliver Young.
Because He died, I probably don't say it as much as I would have, esp now with him being 14.5 months old but rest assured....I will always say his name.
We surely miss you
and wish you'd been with us at the toddler pool.
I die a little inside when I see another baby boy
or when I think of what you'd be like.

as always, my pix uploaded out of order....but this light at IKEA is very cool.
This pic speaks for itself.
Yes, Will was with us, but he manages to stay out of my pics.
Natalie, we never made it back to IKEA but when we do, and soon, I will get those shelves if you still need me to.

a very cool couch for a teenaged girl!
I have some catching up to do but tonight is NOT that night.
Tomorrow is Thursday...and a busy one at that.

Our storage unit was broken into while we were gone. Other than that, our time away was simply awesome and so very much needed.

Our water heater is also still out...we'll keep on doing the old fashioned baths till we figure something out....ahhhhh.

Adios my friends.


Myssi Mancilla said...

we *love* Ikea, too!
Glad you guys had so much fun @ Great Wolf!
Love how you find Jack everywhere! :)

Natalie said...

I was wondering about the lack of texts back from you about the shelving. No big! I'll drag Nick kicking and screaming to Chicago so I can go. ;)
If people have a problem with you talkin' about your boy, poo on them! Not literally, but yknow. Or literally, if...ya nevermind.
Jealous of your trip. Looks like fun!

Laurie and company said...

Nat, you make me smile. crackin' up!
so sorry I wasn't able to get back to Ikea...I didn't realize how unclose it was to where we were at.