Wednesday, September 5, 2012

clouds, glorious clouds

My friend, Shellee, sent these beautiful pix to me.
They were taken on the island of Japan.
They were there, teaching English to Japanese in tsunami zones.
Aside from the fact that it's just beautiful to me that Shellee, Duane and her group of children are missionaries on that island, but she thought of me while doing the Lord's work.
And sent me these breathtaking pix.
Thank you, my sweet, caring, Sister in Christ.
I am blessed beyond words.

Sometimes, I just don't even know what to blog about. I have SO many things constantly going on in my head...."I could blog about this and this is what I'll say" or "Ohhhh, that'd be a fun blog post, Tory would like that, or my Dad...or Shellee...etc" you get the picture.

And then I sit here and all I wanna do is praise the Lord.
I'm not going to let the silly things, the political things, the hurtful things, in. what I saw on Facebook or heard from this person or that...nope.

All that matters, at the end of EACH and every day, is what I did for Jesus Christ. What I do to point the people around me, to HIM.

When I see pictures like the ones above, I can't help but feel grateful. Gratefulness, thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, whatever you wanna call it...

Grateful for all of the challenges, trials, good things, bad things that, because of Jesus, we struggle through.

This must be what Christine sees now...but all the time. Matt said that on one of the days where they thought she was leaving, she asked him and whoever was in the room (her sons, friends from church etc) if they "could see them?? can you see them???" She exclaimed that "It's real!!" and what a gift she was given, her family was given, in the last days of her life on see what she saw and to share it with them.

Ok, gotta run, time to finish educating the children for this Wednesday. don't like to dash off...I just realized the time....ahhhhhh.


Tesha said...

The pictures are so beautiful! I love how you open your heart and it makes me strive for thankfulness and contentment. What a blessing Christine's family received!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shellee, how beautiful and poignant! Thanky ou for sharing your pix via Laurie's blog. Hope that you and yours are doing well.

What a great reminder to be thankful everyday.

Hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! I'm SO glad you liked the pictures! You are SO often in my thoughts and prayers..... Thoughts of you pop into my head throughout the day as I'm doing normal household stuff or whatever..... I was so blessed to hear of the special gift that God gave to the Kinman family. I have heard even with my own loved ones of them glimpsing Heaven before they fully leave here- what a comfort! Hi Tory! We are well and healthy. It's our harvest season here, so we've been pretty busy. Hope you and your family are well. I pray for you too when the Lord brings you to mind.