Saturday, September 22, 2012

card-making state of mind

I know you will love these card designs, Dad...I'm actually putting them on here because I have no new "fresh" pics to put on but hope to change all of that today or tomorrow.

The simplicity of these card design images that I have taken off the web just make me giddy with excitement. I just wanna sit and make cards.

But that's just not practical...for there is an unending mound of laundry to be washed, a sink full of dishes, a battalion of fruit flies taking over my house, tables that need to be wiped, spelling lists that need to be stickered, pattern blocks that need to be picked up, beds that need to be made, emails that need to be sent and for all of this, in it's unendingness, is embraced with JOY, by me. (I'm reminding myself. I haven't gotten it figured out yet.)

Being held accountable is probably one of the most painful experiences of life. I like to call it Refiner's Fire, for my believing in Jesus Christ friends. God is tweaking and working out all of my nitty gritties...I'm not saying this to make excuses for myself or to ask for patience. I'm just telling you what I'm experiencing right now. It's embarrassing, it's ouchy and I'm so thankful for each situation.

More on that another day....

Tonight, we are going to putt putt. I really kinda don't like to do this activity. I go because my family "enjoys" it. It's probably better now that Molly isn't a toddler. Golf of any kind is just kinda stupid and pointless to me (sorry, if you're a golfer)...I won't go into my list of reasons....but one of them is, well....I just won't go into it.....

After that?

El Meson, babycakes!!!

I don't even need a meal...just give me a bowl of salsa and some chips. (maybe I should take a cuke so I save calories.....) I. crave. their. salsa.

It's completely different from mine.....

I love it

hope to be back with pix tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I thought for sure that those were cards that you had made. But, I still love them. I sure wish that I had time and the creativity to make cards like those. I keep wanting to make more cards, but lately, I have just been too exhausted to do much of anything extra. You know me, I love salsa, too; so, I hope that it's good. Catch you next time.

Here's to good times,

Nicky said...

Sorry we couldn't make it last night. We were celebrating my Mama's birthday. I kinda don't get put put either. And if it's too hot or too cold out, it's even more pointless :) El Mason-YUM! You go, girl, on the accountability. OUCH. I hate it. I also hate criticism. Both help us have grace for other, right? There may be some apple dumplins smelling up my home later...we'll be home after 5 if you would like to come smell them :)

Tashena said...

Can't wait to do more! With your, of course!
I hope to drop by later to borrow your SaxonK book for a few copies! We are ready to get goin'...hope it's OK. I'll call first...

Can't wait to chat again.
I'll be contacting Mel to see what day/time works best for piano... if you are sure it's ok...I know ya'll are SUPER full..

And, yes, Tory, I thought Laurie had gone on a card-making spree, too! Beautiful creativity!

Love ya, Dear Friend!