Friday, August 31, 2012

hello random

yes. yes it is.
all credit for this pic goes to some chick I found on FB.

nice work, Nat.
one of my fave Mel pix from 2011...

This poor plot of earth, Jack's beloved Garden of JOY, needed such care last week so I took the sweaty plunge and got it all weeded and loved. I'd much rather care for a little 14 month old boy but honestly, I'd probably fail at that too.

Thank You, Lord, for these beautiful, forgiving, resilient children (#3 and #4) and yes, Levi is entering the years where he will love to mess with his hair and boy, does he have some hair...(he needs it trimmed desperately....grumble)

I have a new fixation on clouds.
Even though I'm in the Meijer parking lot here, I felt that God put these amazing clouds here for me.
"All is well, child"
"Keep your eyes fixed on Me"

Ha ha...a little blast from my cheesy past.
I used to babysit for Joe and Laura. Laura had quite an extensive wardrobe (and a bottomless change jar, right Dad?)
We thought it'd be fun to model in her clothes after we (we being my cousin, Dawn, Beck and I) got her kids to sleep.
oh, the fun and innocence of 14-15. (and I can't help but think how desperately someone must've needed a date night, to leave their children with US!!)  LOL!
Yes, You can love my hair.
Which of my children do u think this pic resembles, minus the gold shirt? I see Ethan...

A quiet (or not so quiet) day at home, listening to Nat King Cole radio on Pandora, finishing the kiddies' school, maybe taking a little bit of time to make some cards, write some letters (you've got one coming, Tory!!), catch up on some of the things that I love, like my blog.

I'm ready for autumn....the smells, the days that force you to stay still and maybe some rain...sweaters, clunky shoes, and low key apple cider, colorful trees and fall crafts.

I'm just sayin'.

Tomorrow is Christine's service...we're going. Not sure I'll be able to keep it together.
It's just so raw that someone my age, someone I knew, communicated with, met for coffee (only once but still....) is gone. And in such a glorious place..

Go Christine!!

Well, thank ya for letting me be completely and utterly random.
Be back sooner rather than later. I hope.


ashley said...

that quote is a favorite of mine, from a favorite movie of mine (and book). and i've always loved clouds. they're so creative, each one different. you're thought of often! hope to see you again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh, be still my heart! A post for the weekend...what a gift!

I, too, am yearning for the autumn. (By the way, I have an Autumn in one of my classes this, huh?) I have already broken out the punkin spice coffee, and I am going to try some punkin, pecan oatmeal and some homemade punkin spice creamer that I found a recipe for online. Just ran to get the punkin, so, I will be making it up soon. Cooler weather and luscious whispers of cinnamon make my day.

I def see Ethan in that picture; probably even down to the personality? But, then again, never having met him, I am not sure.

Well, I should release your blog back to the actual blogger. Just so happy that you blogged unexpectedly.