Friday, September 28, 2012

Benjamin Harrison, Here we come!

buncha little hobo's outside the presidential mansion, field trip with our homeschool group on Monday, Sept 24, 2012

Molly led the way to the basement of the BHH....the stairs in this house were pretty steep. and narrow.

Playing the surveyor's game with David, in the orange shirt...he told us a lot about the times of Ben's Grandpa, William, who was an Indiana Governor and president of the US for about....5 minutes.

This is where I found Jack this day...
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, sweet little boy!

the lovely, albeit rather spooky staircase....such an elegant home!

This is the spot that Ben Harrison stood to make his nomination or acceptance or victory speech...I can't remember but back in those days of no iPods, Internet, TV, radio or quick travel, folks had to make do where they were. So he made his speech at his home.

Such a cool place and whatta porch! I could dig it!
I do hope you enjoy the above pictures from our crazy mad adventure to the Benjamin Harrison Home in Downtown Indy...I will admit, unlike my beautiful sister, I LOVE HISTORY. I like moving forward too, kinda, but mostly, things that have happened are so safe, because they've already occurred. Like my history, for example, looking back, I know that I can survive some pretty freakin' painful experiences and come thru, not necessarily unscathed but different and more open-eyed. Hopefully, more empathetic and wise too...ok...that is all I'll say on history.

An at home day...getting caught up on laundry, which never seems to get caught up these days, with soccer and such. I will choose JOY.

Just finished my exercise/worship time.
My parents came down to bring Gumbo.
David had a meeting with the union auditor today to go over benefits. Now he's at his shop.
Lanny, a plumber guy that helped us with the water heater, is working on our
new kitchen sink.
Ethan is currently reading with Levi in the living area.
Molly is wearing a skirt. She is exceptionally cute today.
Will is now with his dad at the Young Final Finish shop. He got new Converse last night.
Melanie is working on Biology and Lit/Comp, which seem to be taking
over her life...ahhhhh! She is growing even lovelier every day...if that's possible.

Andy Williams died Tuesday night. I'll admit, he's one of my all time faves in the classic old singers. I know he hasn't sounded like the man of golden pipedness for a looooong time but somehow just knowing that he was still among the living brought silly comfort to this ol' ninny (me). I've been listening to his music on and off all week.

In other news, I'm working on the Johnny Appleseed enrichment that Beck and I are leading for the 3rd graders next Thursday...I've got some good plans rolling around in my ding dongy head.

In yet other news, I have lots of thoughts in my head, as it is that nostalgic time of year that always gets to me (along with spring, and late winter. and maybe the dog days of summer. ha ha) Lots of things I'd like to say or share but won't. Lots of changes that are good and some that are painful or hard to understand...but all in God's great plan for my life. I trust Him.

I know He's in control.

I'll be seeing you....(that song is on Pandora right now. it makes me miss Jack so very much. "I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you")


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a porch like that! And, the doorways are ginormous, aren't they? They make the kids look so little. That looked like so much fun, and I am sure with that crew it was. I hope that you have a nice weekend, as I am sure that you are busy with soccer and the like.


Tesha said...

Looks like a FUN field trip. I love how you talk about your children your love for them shines so bright:) Praying your week is blessed!