Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a little walk down memory lane

not sure where E was here....

binky mouth. 

baby face

I love my girls.

...since I've been pretty horrible about taking pictures...

I always like looking back thru my iPhoto because wow, it's amazing how much the people around you can change in a matter of months and you don't even really realize it. I mean, look at Ethan in the pic right up there....If you just met him and I told you he used to be short and round, you may laugh because now?

He is tall and thin...hardly recognizable except for his distinct dark head, brows and round face! I might add, he is going to be one handsome dude...just as I had predicted. One of my favorite features of Ethan is his large hands! When he was born, he had big hands and feet and I always used to tell people that he would be a big guy...just look at this hands, I'd say, holding them (his hands) up! Can I call it or what? his hands are amazing. That's probably why I married David...he has really great hands. forget his stellar personality...lookit those HANDS! ha ha. I kid.

I am formulating a post on hands...I'm a hand person. (even though mine are slightly arthritic and manly!) Hands are pretty much the first thing I notice on people...and eyes. but I have a hard time making eye contact sometimes. why? I dunno. Hands are safe and say so much about a person. so, all that to say, stay tuned for my upcoming Hands POST. it will come with a challenge to do your own hand post or scrapbook page or whatever it is that you enjoy highlight a feature that you love.

I think I am home for most of this day, with just Levi and Molly, as David, Will, Ethan and Mel are in MI as he attends a meeting at a hospital in our hometown ish area to install his HYBRID flooring, maybe, possibly? praying that he does because that would ensure some good visits with my family and our other loved ones up there! Gotta do some prep for our 3rd grade Johnny Appleseed day at White River Home Educators tomorrow (I will be SURE to take pix of that, yo!)....

Another fun ongoing project that may or may not get done someday but will be showcased here? the classroom project...moving much slower than I want it to but we were working on the countertop/new sink install last may take me a few minutes to work up the resolve to get going on the project again. It seems like life is such a project these days. When morning hits, I struggle to get going again. Not because I'm not truly thankful to my Heavenly Father for the day but because each day seems to bring such challenges...I guess I will thank Him that I'm healthy and tackle day head on.

easier said than done.

Be back later, taters.
much love <3 br="br">


Tesha said...

Molly is so Beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the retro pix. Mom has some on her computer, and I have a few in my purse that I look at and wonder if I will ever meet these amazing little peeps!

Thanks for the post, you cool cat!


Anonymous said...

Laurie all of your kids are gorgeous! Molly's eyes are exquisite! Can't believe how big all of your kids are, I remember Wil and Ethan as babies and adorable they were then too! I've been thoroughly enjoying all of the posts, please keep them coming! Love you friend!

Myssi Mancilla said...

I'm lovin baby Mollie!