Friday, July 27, 2012

this Cat turns EIGHT today!

Happy Birthday, Piper Elizabeth!!
How fun it is to be EIGHT!!

So blessed to call this little sweetie pie my niece.

We met up with my parents, Beck, her girls and a portion of my crew at a local diner.
We had planned to hit a local Kroger after lunch because the Weinermobile was there.
By circumstances out of my control, Will, Levi, Piper and I ran to get some keys that David needed, meeting up with him before heading to the "hot dog mobile" (we'd decided Weiner just does not sound all that great.)

In the course of our time together, storms were a-brewing, which is weird because we've had NONE this whole entire summer.
Piper is pretty much mortified of storms.
She tooted in the car, out of sheer nervousness.
We giggled a lot.
We kept her safe, on her birthday.
We made it to Kroger, where it was pouring AGAIN.
I ran her into the bathroom (hence the tooting).
When we came out, the rain had stopped enough for a quick run by the "Hot Dog Mobile" before I took her back to her mom (who was just in her car, in the Kroger parking lot, near my kids, who were in my car, in the Kroger parking lot)
I shall upload that pic from my phone (but it's on Facebook just in case you happen to be walking by there...)

All THAT to say, we had a fun day celebrating Piper...and look forward to celebrating, with Boyden's cake and fellowship, tomorrow evening. After the Color Run...which we are allllllll sooooooo excited about!

Happy Birthday, Piper Poo.
We all love you so much!

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