Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Runs of color, crafty friends, tiny bunting (ahhhh!!), and toilets filled with froggage.

On Sat. July 28, 2012...David, Beck, my 3 oldest kids and I will be joining our friend, Nicki H., and her family, as well as about one million other FUN 5K'ers to participate in The Color Run.
Stay tuned for more pix on this.
I cannot wait.
tell me this looks like a royal blast of pigmentational beauty!

nobody else that I know rocks a hat or bandana like Kellie. 

tiny paper bunting. be still my heart.

while working, she most certainly does hold her mouth a certain way. This is yet another confirmation in my mind that she is a friend I will have forever...adorable! You'd love this chick...she's simply uhhhh-mazing.

This is my very crafty and beautiful friend, Kellie. She sews. She makes amazing quilts, bags, upcycled items and many other delights. She may just be one of my favoritest people ever. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement that involves Kellie, sewing machines, paper, bunting and swag. <>

This is Frog #2.

We had a similar frog in this same toilet on Sunday morning. This may be him again...we are pretty sure that they come into our house on our towels. ewww.

Yeah, he's cute. from afar. but I'd really like to NOT have frogs in my toilet.

Ever again.

ewwww.  shiver.
I just realized today (thanks Dad) that I'm a week and a half out from my last blog post. What the heck? I thought summer was to be a time of leisurely days, spent dipping in the pool, reading this book or that, and getting alllllllll caught up on the things I put off during the school year.

Not this year.
There are just so many good things I need to get caught up on here and I don't have adequate time to upload the pix from Facebook to Mac and then on to here...soooooooo, thank you, SO MUCH, for your patience. really!

A Few QUICK highlights...
1.) Molly has learned to swim without any flotation devices....though we still watch her hawklike...she has really become brave this summer. She is so ready for Kindergarten!
2.) We are so stoked about running/walking in The Color Run this coming Saturday...I am bound and determined to run most of it. Sooo exciting and soooo colorful.
3.) We are having a drought here in Indy.
4.) My niece Piper turns 8 on Friday.
5.) Jack has been gone from us for 56 Thursdays tomorrow. is that right??? that just sounds wrong. I will admit that I am not counting it as I was before, though I still try to figure it out and am constantly, constantly CONSTANTLY trying to find ways to honor him, remember him and praise the Lord for the gift of Jack Oliver Young, though he is not in our arms. I am in a good place...God is doing some wondrous works in my life....I just stand amazed at His presence and the promise I have of being with Him someday and with my sweet glory boy. (the ultimate lesson in patience, if you ask me!). I am trying to come up with a creative way to remember our son in this Color Run...Running for Jack. Then I want to add all of my friends' babies/kids who have left also and then I get scared because I don't want to forget then I keep it right at Jack. Or Jack and Sully. So Jack & Sully it'll be. Running for Jack and Sully.
6.) I know #5 was NOT a quick highlight...
7.) Have I mentioned the exciting plans that are in talks for a creative weekend of sorts? Have I mentioned that my talented and adorable friend, Kellie, above, is a force to be reckoned with? yeah, she is. She found a blog by Meg Duerksen...who hosts creative crafty weekends in her home (which is now her CRAFT HOUSE. ahhhhh) and she hosts events where women come into her home, do crafts of every kind of medium, fabric, paper, jewelry....etc well, go antiquing, show and tell their finds, eat more, craft more, take pix of their treasures and I could go on. All that to say, the wheels are turning and fun and exciting things are in the works. Kellie is a kick butt sponsor finder, creative wonder and tender hearted soul. I. Am. So. Excited. to see what the Lord has in store for this venture.
8.) So, for the upcoming Young Summer Reunion, I'm rallying the creative forces I'm blessed enough to be related to by marriage to showcase their freakin' amazing creativity at the 8/11-8/12 gathering...Stars, cards, flowers, rosettes, whatever....coming soon to a reunion near you. If you have any easy, fun ideas I can implement, I will be ever so thankful.... my highlights turn into me blabbing way too stay tuned to see what is up and coming.

On tap for my beloved blog, hoping and praying:
~highlights from Jack's First Birthday with Jesus Celebration Balloon Launch
~More Molly birthday.
~Me hopefully figuring out how to put video on my blog so you can see for yourself, unless your friends with me on Facebook, how cute it is when Moo swims.
~The dog days of summer...


Anonymous said...

Frogs in the toilet, sounds like a nightmare to me. I scream just when I find them in nature! I cannot imagine what I would do if it was in my toilet. Yikes. I love the crafting ideas, and I am eager to hear more. Have fun on the color run, and we pray that you will get rain soon.


Jamie said...

Thank you <3