Friday, July 27, 2012

a li'l bit more for your weekend viewing pleasure...

Yup, we sure did!!

sorry...I just realized I left my horrendous foot in the pic. ewww. But Molly was totally annoyed with me that we were at "Jack's Garden" again and told me, very animatedly that "I don't wanna go to his garden anymore...I just want to hold him. He is so cute." How is a mom NOT supposed to cry...

Birthday girl with her oldest boy cousin.

We actually got some rain today. It was magical.

This was taken while we were on 465, on our way to Wienermobile land...and it seriously looks like the Face of God if you squint. At the time, it really did and it was just surreal. 

Piper's pic by the Mobile....sweet birthday girl!
Just wanted to post a few more pix from this day in history...and so you will sit tight till I get some more pix up from this fabulous weekend of pure fun and JOY.

Also, while I'm here, Tory? Thank you so much for your letters...I feel like such a heel every time I open the mail box and you've sent another info filled bit of NC update! Just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for you guys, so glad to hear momma Linda is getting better every day and that you have done so much to support them thru this summer. You are a blessing. I really do plan to get a letter out to you. I'm a letter loser.

Tashena? HIIIIIIIIII....I got your text the other day and apparently I'm a text loser too...thank you for thinking of me, praying for me. I hope you know I'm doing the same thing for you. It's already been a week since I had the pleasure of meeting you out by my mailbox. I'm carving a nitch of time out sometime very soon to sit and drink coffee and catch up with you. I'm sure Tucker is already crawling. ha ha. hope not!

Until then...chow.

Tomorrow morning, bright n early...The Color Run!! we are so excited, we can't stand it! early to bed for us...(so ya know, by like midnight...h aha)


Anonymous said...

You are NOT a heel! Repeat that to yourself during the color run. ;) I love that you are doing such a brave, brave thing to focus yourself. And, I am jealous that you got pix with the weinermobile. I have only seen it once driving by me in the opposite direction. Totally Cool.

Best wishes on your run. Love, Tory

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pics from the color run!!!! I think the pics with the Oscar Mayer mobile are too fun!!! I showed it to Duane and we both broke into the Oscar Mayer theme song at the same time- in the midst of wondering looks from our kiddos that said, " wow, I'm sure Dad and Mom have gone crazy this time." lol. Love you my friend. I agree with Tory ( as usual) you are NOT a heel!

Hugs and prayers,