Monday, July 9, 2012

A brief update...

this is the only picture I took at the Balloon Launch for Jack.  So many other people were kind enough to take pix and post them to my Facebook wall, which was very cool. JOY's day was simply glorious.

This little chick, this is the first year she was really excited about her birthday. I mean, last year, her brother had died 9 days before so that kinda put a damper on feeling too celebratory. Though we did celebrate her, it was just an odd year for our sweet, last living child. She is a champ.

Her party was Sunday,  July 8th after the morning service and she told everyone and anyone that would listen that this morning she was four but when she came back to church that night, she'd be FIVE. She doesn't quite get the concept of her ACTUAL day yet but her exuberance was pretty awe-inspiring!

Timmy, from Shaun the Sheep (a show by Wallace and Grommitt makers)

Her cute kitty in glasses shirt...she got a load of clothing.

Piper enjoyed throwing up some bunny ears.

Her Merida Princess dress from the new Pixar movie, Brave.

She got an RC Lalaloopsy car to go along with some of the dolls she's been collecting since Christmas. It's really adorable stuff.

If you know Molly, you know she is really into acting like a kitty. When we found this kitty bike helmet, we knew she needed to have it.  goofball.

My Mom may need/want one as well! funny girl.

I won't spend much time on here tonight.
I know I still need to get Jack's Balloon Launch pix on here but I have to download each one of Tom's into iPhoto and it takes for-ever! Jamie took some too and I just need to download them but I'm rarely up at the Big Mac these days. (it's like an oven in our upper level lately!!)

Molly turned 5 with grace and style today and had her first night of VBS to boot. When I woke her up this morning, singing Happy Birthday, she stood up, jumped on the bed and squealed that "Tonight is VBS!!!!"

Lotsa catching up to little time, energy or desire to do so. I'm so sorry....hope this will hold you over till I can get back on here....

(this night, five years ago, I was over the moon, sleeping on our couch with my new tiny girl. If I'd known what was in store, I surely would've cherished it even more.)


God's Will NEVER contradicts God's Word.  just a thought for you to chew on.

Amen.  Good night...


Tesha said...

Oh the party looks so fun. Shayla would love Molly she to has a kitty fixation also:) I agree about cherishing it more, Lord help us now to do just that!

Elle's mommy said...

God's will never contradicts his word. I love that, I have never heard that before and right now I need it so thank you for posting it! Love the pictures, your princess is adorable, happy birthday to her! God bless!!!


Jamie said...

It was a Beautiful party for Jack. So proud of you and David and all the kids.
There isn't a cuter new 5 yr old in a bathing suit and kitty bike helmet than Molly. Takes someone special to pull off that look. :)

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that going around meowing isn't normal? Well, that's news to me. I really love the most recent meow mix commercial. Looks like you had fun. Oh, and my favorite picture that Tommy took is the one of Molly midair with her unique two tube life jacket system! I highly recommend having that one on here if no other since it takes so long to download. Happy Friday 13th,