Wednesday, July 6, 2011

where to begin? well, let's begin at JOY...

not quite the family of 8 photograph I was hoping for but...

This picture is a part of our family history now. Oscar the Grouch, Toy Story, me in a wheelchair and Molly in her fairy princess outfit. David in shock, Will and Melanie mid-sob....And the shell of our 6th child, who flew right to the arms of Jesus...bypassing the pain and grief, toil and strife of life on planet Earth. Considering the events around his extremely fast delivery, I'd say we look rather nice...

We joined a club. In the words of some fine women who have come up along side me, us in this time...we joined a club that no one wants to be a part of.

I really want to blog about Jack Oliver Young's birth and death, but I'm far too tired, sapped, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually tonight. well, this morning, since it IS 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

I have so much to share about how God has brought us comfort and strength in these horrifying days. But I leave you with one of the only family portraits we have all together with Jack.

Be prepared...for in the coming days, I will probably post a few pix...they are very tasteful and baby JOY looks if he sleeps. and he does...I love you, little guy...but he knows that...and as your amazing big brother Will so eloquently stated at your burial today..."There is as much purpose in your death as there was in your short little life." Oh, how true...

the pain is almost unbearable tonight...thank you for your prayers, thoughts and outpouring.

I will be back later...


Duane and Shellee said...

Dear Laurie and precious family,

I wish that I could bring something to be a help and a blessing to you, but though I can't be there physically, i CAN pray, and pray I have are almost always on my mind and in my heart and thoughts...and prayers. I am sending you a hug my friend and please know we care.

hugs and many prayers my friend,

P.S. I am SO glad that you have a family picture....

Jodi said...

Oh, Laurie.
I was so relieved to see your family picture.
I don't really know why it was relief that hit me, but it was.
Peace too.
I think the peace was just in hearing your "voice" and knowing that you are there. Hurting terribly...but there.
I am your neighbor, you know.
Let me know if you need anything. Anything.
That hair. That beautiful little head of hair. I am so glad that you took his picture. Like you's a part--a very important part--of your family history.
Oh, how I love you.

Tashena said...

Laurie Dear,
I want to leave a comment so you know we are still praying for you...
I am thinking of you and praying for comfort.
Much Grace & Great Mercy

Anonymous said...

love you Laurie
thinking of you all daily and praying for peace in your hearts.
I don't want to intrude on you during this time, but please, please if you need anything and I mean that with my whole soul, do not hesitate to contact me, okay?
huge hugs my dear, dear friend

Natalie said...

Visiting your blog and Facebook page about twenty million times a day...and praying for you every time.
Nick thought this picture (Or was it one with you holding Jack?) at the viewing was the saddest thing. He said your face was just heartbreaking.
Will is such a great guy, isn't he?

Brittany said...

I look forward to more pictures. From what I can see in this one, he is beautiful. I love all that hair. Of course, I've yet to see an ugly Young baby.
Will's words really are true and baby Jack has already impacted MANY lives. What a blessing in the pain.
I'm still thinking of you often and of your hubs. I can't imagine how hard this is for your kiddos. I'm praying for all of you.
I hope and pray you're healing physically well too and that God's grace continues to be sufficient.

Love you, my friend.
Brittany (and fam)

HelenaHandbag said...

I check in on you numerous times a day. A little switch goes off in my heart that says, "I wanna look in on my Laurie and check on her." Love you so much, girl. Gigantic hug and smooch.