Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jack the Bear

sweet Glory Baby...

He really did have his second toe on his right just didn't press down...His left footprint will be used on the bookmarks we are making for the Celebration of J.O.Y. this Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 1 p.m. Anyone and everyone is welcome...

I love these feet...they nestled in my ribs and if I'd known what was going to happen, I surely would have appreciated them more. I miss him. so badly. What I'd give to have that heartburn back, those sore ribs and back and the feel of his hiccups. our little Glory Baby.

Today has been a great day though...spent with some great people. Robyn, the amazing nurse that was with us the night that Jack died, came down to deliver slideshow videos to us. She is just simply awesome...Nicky, Rachel and Becky came to visit, drink coffee, work on bookmarks and eat Culver's Oreo ice cream sammiches and just plain comfort...I am truly blessed to have such cool people in my life. Jill, my beautiful Mary Kay lady brought us some delicious lasagna for dinner tonight. I could go on and on but I am pooped and 100 Jack Oliver Young bookmarks are waiting...Beck and the girls are spending the night. David is at work downtown tonight...things are just weird yet good.

I'm tired. it's time for me to go cry myself to sleep. Two weeks ago tonight was my last night pregnant...could I have even had a clue of what was to come? I think I might have had an journal is chock full of wonder and fear...I love you, JOY boy...I know your life and death will bring great things and glory to God. I just don't understand it yet. and I want you here...listen to the words in the first song on my playlist. This is the song that is on Jack's slideshow...perfect.

Good night...


Smooches, Kara said...

oh his hair!! I knew you had said he had allot but I didn't see that color coming!! I thought all your bebe's were dark headed. His looks auburn. Such beautiful beautiful hair!!

Tashena said...

I am so happy to see another post. I am still praying for you.
And will be here when/if needed.
Hoping to come Saturday.

(Beautiful song, BTW! Perfect!!!)

Love to you all!

Natalie said...

Oh, I love that little boy! That's such a good picture.
Glad you're doing so well and have such good support. See you all Saturday. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love that beautiful hair and his adorable little self.. You said it right when you said he was a "lucky duck" to be born straight into the arms of Jesus. I will admit that I have wept looking at his pictures and the pictures of all of you... I weep, but I also have to turn it to weeping for JOY... He's telling us from Heaven, "hey, I am GREAT, Wait until YOU SSE, It's everything you said it would be and MORE" (SCC).. If at all possible I would LOVE a bookmark.. I know it has been a long time since we last saw each other -- ( Will was just born and Ethan was on his way) I feel sooo close to you, so know that I love you sooo much and I pray for your wonderful family.. Can't wait until my visit next summer so I can hug you again.. Love, prayers, support and friendship ~~ Michelle, (from CT)~~

Jodi said...

Oh Laurie.
The song, the pictures, and your words.
I'm speechless.
I love you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Beautiful baby boy and such beautiful music! Still sending prayers up. Wish I could see you Saturday and give you a big hug. Always thinking of you and praying.
Love, JoEllen

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie. I'm Sullivan's mom. :) My mom left you a comment and directed you to my blog.

I'm sorry to read that you too have a child in heaven. It is great for the babies to be there, but hard on us mommies!

Please email me: tjmeyers at gmail dot com
so we can chat more.


And also, I delivered at CHS too. The nurses there were great to us when Sullivan passed. <3