Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The tent is over Jack's spot.

as always, out of order...obviously, the pic below should be first. Sending balloons heavenward...

Jack's resting place is at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens on SR 135, south of Olive Branch Road, Greenwood, Indiana. He's in a sad yet sweet little place called Babyland. He's resting to the left of the statute of Jesus with the lamb when you view the picture of this place.

He's even next to another little boy, named Jack, who passed away 9 days before him.

I have also met another mommy who has placed her sweet daughter in Babyland, via Facebook.

I have many more pix to share but the lawn is jungley so off I go to mow before it gets too hot.


Tashena said...

Praying today is less painful than yesterday and that tomorrow will be even smoother. :)

It's great to see Jack's place. I LOVE the balloon idea! Awesome!

Great Mercy - Much Grace

Tory said...

Babyland, oh how sweet. It makes it seem as if they are all playing in babyland, and you can go pick him up at any time.

Jamie said...

Sully is in the Garden of Innocence, informally called the Baby Garden, at Sunset in Danville. We did balloons too, and strangley it was one of the hardest moments of the service. Love the Butterfly Garden idea. Many prayers!