Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the bebe shower pix you've all been waiting for...

and why not?? I mean, look at how attractive and sweaty I was in EVERY picture.

cute little robot 31 bag that my sissy got for little dude...diapers and wipes made easy. That paper plate in my hand? that was my fan.

we were blessed with some very nice and thoughtful gifts and here is a very clever idea from my good friend, Tammy. She wanted to incorporate a half dozen container and she also said, whilst cutting our heads off of our bodies in a family pic, that she felt a little bit like a gory murderer.

This was an outfit from #6's big sister, Mel. it's got a little bull dog on it and it says "Chicks dig me".

jammies from Jen

This pic is significant because this is my friend, Jennifer and 2 of her 3 daughters (not including her 3 boys also). The baby girl, Leemarie, could just possibly be our 4th son's future wife. We are in talks about it.

man, my belly is large. I should've been more specific with my photographer (Mel) that I wanted pix taken of everyone in attendance, including our hostesses...instead, she took a bunch of unflattering pix of me that I can't even post on here because I'm so NON-photogenic. But good try, Mel!

Our darling hostess, Becky, spent a good week, week and a half making the deco on my friend, Jen's, Cricut machine (die cuts) I thoroughly enjoyed the robot theme.

Boyden's robot deliciousness...

Ok, so here are some pix from the baby shower...It was really a nice event and I'm extremely grateful to my sis for throwing it and for all in attendance. I know baby what's his name gonna be will thank you once he's here and he's wearing the clothes, diapers or blankets that were so graciously given on his behalf. THANK YOU!!

A little update for ya:

I saw Mary Helen today. BP is gooooood, baby's heart rate was most excellent and he's snugly head down (Praise the LORD!!) He has planted his piggies into my right ribs so I'm not fond of that. or am I? I'm at the stage where labor and delivery will be a welcome relief from constant aches and pains. Soak it up. soak it up!! I'm also at the stage where almost every thought is consumed with wonder. How's this going to go? How long will it take? Will every thing go as "planned"? Who does he look like? Will I freak out? am I going to LIVE?? Loving midwife assures me I will be fine.

David and Will have been sick forever now. Will came down with something last Wednesday night, right after our loving home visit. Fever, headaches, cough, etc. David came home from Centerville with it on Saturday night and though today is better for both, there is some residual stuff. Oh those coughs.

I will be back to blog more later. My mending hubby and I are heading out for a bit. Until then, peace

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Tory said...

Oh, you are a beautiful lady! Thank you, Mel, for taking these wonderful pictures of your momma. We love seeing your beautiful noggin. And, just be thankful that you have a "reason" for being, I am hot without having a bun in the oven. ;)

We are praying for you, a safe delivery, and that your family gets better without passing it onto you.

Thank you for blogging even in your discomfort and your busy days. Have been thinking about you a lot lately. Many hugs, t