Thursday, June 16, 2011

still here...

This is our awesome babysitter from 2 summers ago, Courtney. She married this cute like herself guy almost two weeks ago. We had the immense pleasure of watching the nuptials. Congrats David and Courtney!!

I just wanna sit around and scrap all these amazing pix that Nat took. It's so fun. I know once he shows up, scrapping time will be even harder to come by. are ya?

Hangin' in there? yeah, me too. Still prego. Saw the midwife yesterday, dilated to between 1 and 2. whooppeeeee...I thought I'd be farther along. wishful thinking. I do believe stuff is "happening" because I feel pretty miserable today. My hips are smooshy and my stomach just feels downright crampy. yah. Ready. ready for this to happen, meet the guy and be done.

So my next prediction for Little Dude's arrival is Sunday, June 19th. Father's Day. Whatta way to end my childbearing David his last son on father's day.

Hope to be back with good news very shortly.


Tory said...

I am still looking here to see when you post, but I know that any day things will go silent for awhile. Then, I quickly get on Facebook to see if there is any news. We are so excited to see just who #6 is! I cannot imagine what things might be like for you...just praying and claiming Psalm 23 for you. Hope that you and the Youngs are doing well and enjoying that lovely pool. Hugs to ya'll, t

Tory said...

Oh, I forgot to say how completely charming and beautiful the bride is!

Laurie and company said...

Tory, you rock...thanks, as always, for your encouraging and sweet words! I'm on a picture taking hiatus, apparently, because my body must subconsciously know that as soon as Jack gets here, we'll be obsessed with picture taking. weird.
Saturday and no baby...I predict tomorrow, David predicts Monday. we're wondering what he's waiting for...I mean, we're soooooo much fun, why wouldn't he want to come out NOW???
I hope this finds you and yours doing well and enjoying the NC heat, swimming and tomatoes. Love you, cousin.

Tory said...

I am with David on this one, I think that it will be Monday, the first day of summer! What better way to remember his birthday. Cool!

This heat is killer, but it really makes me appreciate the pool even more. And, the tomato plants look good and have a bunch of little green ones, but there is nothing much just yet. However, I am dreaming of salsa...and, best of all, I have my cilantro plant ready and waiting. ;)

I cannot wait to hear about the new baby! Love you, too, Tory