Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice distractions...

Probably the last pic of just 5 of our kids. We went to Cheesecake Factory Wednesday night to celebrate Father's Day and to get Mel her birthday cheesecake (she chose the Reese's one...eww.)

Apparently, this baby didn't come with a little pop out thingy that says when he's finished because I am STILL pregnant...and it's the day AFTER my due date. I'm beside myself because I have never ever ever been in this position. I have a lot of thoughts going thru my head, some of them are freaky and I just can't help but wonder what God is trying to teach me. I'm open, waiting to learn...but failing. just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

Hey BIG LADDDDYYYYY! (totally reminds me of a story from my pregnancy with Will...I'll have to blog about it someday...) this just looks painful...ouch. help meeeee!

Hi there. How are ya?

I'm trying to stay positive, keep smiling (hence the smiley songs on playlist..yes, Justin Bieber makes me smile. Leave me alone), stay busy so I don't dwell too deeply on the fact that I'm going to be pregnant FOREVER.

Today's date is rather significant for this child of the 80's. Here's why...

~Today is George Michael's birthday (I know) and today is his birthday. I loooooved Wham! when I was a kid...yeah, he doesn't have the greatest character but I still remember his birthday.

~Two years ago, on this very day, Michael Jackson passed away (or so they say). I was a big MJ fan as a youngster. I still appreciate a lot of his musical talent though his character also was less than stellar. so what (that's pregnant me talking)...

I've told the baby that if he doesn't come TODAY, I will name him either George Michael Young or Wacko Jacko Young. no pressure.

In all seriousness, I think we've chosen baby boy's name and it has Godly purpose. We asked the Lord to bless us with our 6th baby, if He'd bring some JOY along with him. I'm not saying that we will always be JOYFUL because the baby is here, but we are praying for the reminder of Joy in spite of ourselves.

We kinda wanted to implement initials of said baby with the JOY acronym (that's an acronym, right? correct me if I'm wrong...) If it was a girl, we wanted to name her Olivia Joy Young (yes, out of order but Joy would still be there) and we've had a harder time with a boy. We've tossed different ideas around...I think we've settled on Jack Oliver Young. Please don't refer to him as JOY (I can totally hear that Johnny Cash song "A boy named Sue" in my head)...but he is our JOY baby.

Maybe that's why he's making us wait...we need to find the true meaning of JOY. It's a choice. I will choose JOY today. even though, with every contraction, I freak out a little bit, joy, joy....and can I say that once he does arrive, you all, as far as Japan, will probably hear me whooping and hollering with JOY!!

David and Ethan are working over in Centerville so the remaining kids and I are going to visit the Greenwood Freedom Festival. Parade, booths, too many people. A nice distraction...thank you, Shellee, Nic, Tory, and the rest of you on Facebook etc. for your kind, caring words and prayers. I deeply appreciate them and ask that you keep them coming. Hopefully the next time I'm on here, it's to post pix of baby Jack on here. we can HOPE.



Jodi said...

Hey Pretty Lady!

Oh, how I feel for you.
Carrie was due on January 17. I was Kroger that afternoon, picking up a few things, and the cashier asked me when I was due. I burst out in tears and said, "TODAY!" I know that she was sorry she asked that question of an emotional pregnant lady. :)

I can't wait to hear the news of your bundle of J.O.Y. arriving! I'm hoping that it's today, because as much as I, too, enjoyed the music and "men" of the 80's, I like Jack Oliver Young so much better than George Michael Young or Wacko Jacko Young! :)

My prayers are with you!!

Tory said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am just amazed and in awe that you are still blogging. You really are an incredible woman, and I am not just saying that. First, I know that I couldn't have the natural childbirths that you do...bring me the epidural! Second, I would be feeling sorry for myself and not sharing this amazing experience with friends and family. Finally, you have 5+ great awesome kids!

Am almost as excited like it was Christmas (which, btw, is 6 months from today) to see the newest baby!

Until then, mom, dad, and I send you our love.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you my friend! My last 2 have been overdue (I think it must be Japanese water or too much tofu or something....) Praying for your J.O.Y. to come soon (they say JOY comes in the morning....) you are doing a GREAT job! Hang in there!!!
((hugs from Japan)),

Anonymous said...

big huge hugs to ya, girlie (((hugs)))
i hope he's born before the 90+ degree weather at the end of the week. o.O
push 'em out, push 'em out, waaaayyy out!
oh and i love the middle name, too.
it just seems perfect for some reason.
love to you all!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, you named him!? :) Jack sweet. And I love that it spells something! He'll have almost the same initials as JAY! :D

Brittany said...

I really like his name, Laurie. I'm not surprised. You're a good namer. hehe!