Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Belated Father's Day...

To all of you daddios out there...I'm sure that one of the only father's that reads my blog is my very own...Thanks Dad. Thanks for holding me accountable with my beloved blog.

This distinguished, salt and peppery haired guy is one of the finest dads around.

He is a hard worker, very dedicated to his company, his employees, his associates and his customers. A rare find these days...I really do love you, David.

this guy is my can see where I get some of my good looks. :) and my beard.

He is not only a fine father, but a stupendous grandpa. Molly's cherubic face pretty much sez it all.

And this is where I should put some pix of my father in law, Carl, but unfortunately, I don't have many pix of him floating around. So here's to you, Carl...Thanks for instilling some amazing character into your firstborn son. We are eternally grateful for your involvement in our husband's/dad's life.

Last but most certainly not least, I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father...His mercy endures forever and He is my strength. Now, if He'd just push the button to get #6 out, I'd be sure to shout from my very own rooftop just how much I love Him. Which I should do anyways...but it's kinda dangerous in my fragile condition. Thank You, Lord, for saving my wretched soul!

Happy Father's Day, Guys!!

So, yeah, Will has poison ivy. David is coming down off the sickness/work too much for one's own good high. Molly keeps tinkling in her pants. Levi ruined his fairly new sandals on the treadmill tonight. Melanie is loving her new bike. I'm still flipping pregnant. I'm at the stage now where you SWEAR you will never ever (let's hope D's surgery was successful) want to have another baby. Still numb in my ribs, baby's not moving about as much, which leads me to believe he is hunkering down and getting ready to "head" out. ha ha. Braxton Hicks are getting more intense and general discontent and irritability is at an ALL TIME HIGH. watch out!

The way I've felt today, lack of breath, general laziness mixed with spurts of energy, weird aches, cause me to wonder if THIS is the night. Pop goes the weasel. Please pray for me...the general funk that is settling over me and my house is disconcerting. just down right weird. David and the kids prayed for me tonight...whatta gang.

So I guess until Jack shows up, my posts will be pretty repetitive and for that I am sooo sorry. I can't wait to put some pics on here of our new fella. I'm soooo ready to meet him, see his sweet little face. Just CAN'T wait. <>

gotta go finish some worky stuff for my hubs and go lay back down on my bed. Fingers, toes crossed for a baby party TOMORROW. too much to ask? prolly. o well. Hope this finds you well...hugs!


Tory said...

Happy Belated Father's Day and Happy Summer! I love that you have posted even while you aren't feeling like it. And, we are all praying that you will soon be enjoying your new little one outside of his current domain. ;) If it makes you feel any better, it is supposed to be even hotter here today. Just watch the sweat appear when I am sitting still. It's scary!

Hugs, cuz, t

Anonymous said...

Oh, I SOOOO understand where you are coming from..... Praying for you my friend, Hang in there, not too long now, and you'll be looking at sweet little toes and cuddling that sweet baby boy!

Praying that by the time you read this, HE will be here. Praying for a safe delivery for you too!

BIG hugs,


Anonymous said...

thinking good thoughts for you, girlie!
I hope perhaps between the time you posted this and right now you have a new arrival =)
and its so cool you named him Jack!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh I told you I LOVE that name =)
xoxo, nic

Laurie and company said...

Thank you, dear Shellee!! He's not here yet...not sure what he's waiting for! peace and quiet?? well, he ain't gonna get any o' that 'round here....ha ha. i truly appreciate your prayers. They are very much felt!

Tory, we are getting a nice break in our summer's like God's gift to me! I hope you are hanging in there...don't know how you endure it! Hugs

Thanks, Nic...The kids told me that you were here last week...and I ran out to see you! Hope you saw me waving! As of now, he's Jack!! love ya, girl. hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

You were on my mind ALL day yesterday, so I have been praying LOTS for you, can't wait to hear thst he is here!