Saturday, March 26, 2011

this is where you'll find me today...beware: this is a whiny post...

ohhh, I wish.

I grew up in Michigan. Didn't move to Indy till the summer before my 19th birthday...I KNOW SNOW, COLD, and SUNLESS DAYS.

So, before you judge me, know that fact.

I am leaving...I'm going to this beach above...I can NO longer handle this GRAY, this sunless place...I am seriously considering MAKING David MOVE me before next winter...(next winter, when we have SIX kids, o boy!) Maybe next winter won't be so bad because I won't be pregnant (EVER AGAIN!!!)....I will cling to that. God is definitely trying to teach me SOMETHING, and as much as I've prayed and asked Him to reveal what it is exactly, I still wait...

Each morning, I just want to lay in bed. I get up, make my oatmeal, coffee...and want to lay back down. Can anyone explain this to me? I'm usually go, go, go...but no, not lately.

I don't want to go anywhere, I really don't want to see or talk to people either. Are these the earlies of agoraphobia? Depression? I dunno...I covet your prayers. These days are hard.

As much as I ache, sleep poorly, restless leg syndrome, blah blah blah...I will praise the Lord for my little wiggle worm boy...he is a joy, in spite of the weird cramps, lack of breath, blah blah blah.

Enuff about me, how are YOU? I hope things are going GREAT where you are! Shellee, I hope that by the time you read this, your baby GIRL has arrived safely! (can't wait to see and hear about her!). Tory, I hope you've enjoyed a restful weekend off of school...Becky, I hope you are mending. Dad, I hope you aren't mad that I didn't post pix of Sybil...I'll get right on that...Nicky, I hope that you are making it thru each day like a champ!

My two big boys are leaving for the Spring Break Work Week be gone till next they will be blessed as they prepare the InPursuit/Springhill camp for the happy summer campers...I'm ready for a week with no piano or biology, rarely any karate, and lotsa time focused on Mel, Levi and Mooski. Pictures maybe? yeah, I'll get to it...go check out Nicole's amazing foodie/photography blog, the link is on my sidebar (Noshings) will not disappoint. Or visit "The Simple Wife", where Joanne, who is my age, suffered a stroke on Jan. amazing story...amazed at their faith and strength in Christ. That's just ONE of the places I go when I get to feeling a pity party...choose JOY.

God bless you...have a lovely Saturday evening. thanks for letting me vent. again. :)


Tory said...

It sure sounds like you are ready for Spring! Believe it or not, it is just around the corner. ;) Hope that you have a nice time with the "youngers". Sounds like it should be fun. Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! I hope you have good weather now, and can enjoy Spring. :) Still no baby Girl here yet, she is taking her sweet time. Today is the due date. Will keep you updated.