Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pledge for purity

The Shelter...part of the Bandy's residence...where the kids go for their Kaleo and Phos/Ontos youth groups. We are very THANKFUL for these ministries.

David took some differing views...we were right up in the front. :)

When it was time to pledge, all of the kids circled the room...this was just one side...

a portion of the kids in the front...and hey, I know those kids. My kids with their friend, Ian. The guy at the mic is Greg Eades, a teaching pastor at a local church. He presented the devotional and it was very good - emphasized that this initial commitment is the easy will take discipline, training and coaching.

The parents then presented their kids with a token of some sort...ring, bracelet, necklace...and when the time came, each kid would kneel, pray and put their ring etc on. This is Will. what a nice guy....

Ethan's turn...I'm in awe of the inspirational young men that God has given to us. They are out of this world....friends & family, help us keep them accountable.

Mel's time...such a sweet spirited, Godly young lady. I'd be crazy mad without her.

Mr. Mike awesome, Christ-loving fella! one really just has to stand in awe when in his presence (he has more energy than most kids, folks)! I failed to get any pix of his lovely wife, Pam...but she was scooting around taking pictures also. Have I mentioned how blessed we are to be involved with these saints?

Will, Ethan, and Melanie participated in a Purity Ceremony last night. Mike and Pam Bandy, their youth leaders, hosted it and man, it was amazing.

They originally thought 20 kids would be participating...and in the end, there were 70 kids involved. Wow!

It was slightly breathtaking and more than a little overwhelming (in a good way) to be a witness to such commitment. (plus, I'm super emotional these days so I had to suck back some crocodile tears).

Do I really have kids that are old enough to be doing this?


I'm only 16, folks. :)

if you live on or around the south side of Indy, and you aren't involved in Kaleo or Phos/Ontos, and you have a jr. high or high schooler that needs accountability, encouragement, Christ-like influence, give me a buzz and I will pass the info kids are different people after being involved in these ministries.

Ok, I could keep going...buttttttt, the sun is SHINING, David and #1-4 are going skating from 10-12 and Molly and I are going to take a walk. and paint our nails. and make our beds. and maybe call my extremely lovely neighbor chick and see if she's free for a bit today....hope that this finds you well, healthy and JOYFUL.

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Tory said...

Wow, that's amazing that they expected 20 kids and 70+ were involved. It proves my theory that kids today are just like any other kids. They just want to be loved and be involved in something bigger than themselves. Sometimes, people forget that, and they work so hard to give their kids everything, but forgetting that the same kids need attention more than things.

You know me, I fully support you being 16! ;) Hope that you and Moo had a nice walk.