Monday, March 14, 2011

IKEA. UKEA. We all scream for IKEA.

Melanie and I loved these lights.

and these lights.

and this island, which will look great in my kitchen. someday.

ummm, what's with the pacifier?? really?

I think I'd like David (birthday boy) to build me some sets of these with all those awesome pine boards we've been storing since 2007. And if you'd like, he could make you a set also, very reasonably priced.

and this light...

I think this is the only picture I was in this day. (which also happened to be David's 40th actual birthday day....) which is fine, actually.

Ok, so the title is just bad. I know.

IKEA is an amazing world all it's own.

Don't go on Sunday. It's maddening to try to weave in and out of all the people by yourself, let alone with 2 small people.

A few times, we seemed to be a herd of cattle. shuffling thru the endless aisles of Swedish wares. At one point, even, we stopped in the frame section and whilst standing there, a mother's young child got up ahead of her. The mother, very loudly said to her wayward child, "So and So, watch out or the lady in the brown vest (who was in front of mouthy momma) will run you over"...and a fight ensued....ha ha. all that for housewares. hilarious. sheesh. really lady?

it was definitely a cool experience and I'd like to go back 1.) on a quiet weekday and 2.) without kids (they were bored and the littles were crazy).

I have a case of the Mondays today. It's gray, cold and I'm just plum over this blah blah weather. According to my weather bug app, it should be close to 70 and possibly sunny by Thursday. I dare not get my hopes up. I mean, really, we have sooo veery much to be thankful for. I'm sure you've seen the video footage of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan (which is happening about 100+ miles from my blog regular, Shellee). It's just mind boggling to watch all that water overtake...and are there any sharks or scary ocean things that make it onto land, because yikes.

All that to say, overwhelmingly, thank You, Lord....for another day to live and serve You.

side note: had my 4th appointment with midwife today....good blood pressure, good heartbeat of Peanut Nameless One. Painfully normal...25+ weeks...less than 14 weeks till little dude arrives. seems hard to grasp. still no name. maybe I will set up his crib...a visual for me.

Ok, time to run to Karate....hope to be back with pix from tomorrow evening's Purity Ceremony that #1-#3 will be participating in. Until then...Happy Monday to ye!


Tory said...

You know, until you said that, I hadn't even linked Shellee with the latest news. We are definitely praying for them.

As for Ikea, did you eat at their eatery? I never knew until recently, but their food is supposed to be good and fairly inexpensive. Who knew?

When I saw the picture of Moo and the pacifier, it made me wonder if baby #6 would even get a paci? ;) Which reminds me, I have a cousin on my dad's side of the family that he and his wife are expecting #6 this year, too. Apparently, #6 (or in Shellee's casee, number more than 6) is the theme for 2011. Many prayers, t

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! Glad to hear your appt. went well. We have a check-up tomorrow (37 wks. 6 days) ready and not so ready for Baby Girl to make an appearance. Please pray for Japan - thousands of people swept into eternity... Thousands more that need THE Hope that Christ can give. We are on the island to the north of the main island of Honshu, we are safe and well and yet hurting for all if the suffering ones. Hope you have a great week - Tory thanks for the prayers we surely need them.
((hugs)) Shellee