Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Skating Party to remember!

Let the fun begin...

Revelers trickle in...Hello Teige, ya little cutie...

gearing up for some skate-a-licious fun!

Charlie Sheen made a guest angry! :)

awww, we love this family (though 1/4 of them is in college far away)...Vince, Janice, and Megan...our lives would be dull without you! (and if I remember correctly, Dad had a very appropriate name for V..."One Lap Vinny"..which is much more favorable than his other nickname of "Two Plates McCartney")

Tambo and Caroline...makin' the skatin' look EZ. love you, girls!

Becky, Henry and Nicky...lovely ladies, hangin' with the little flirty boy!

The O family had volleyball that night but stopped by for a half hour of skating JOY...Mona, your enthusiasm was infectious! heck, all y'all had me stoked. Thanks for coming, fine folks.

Cali and her Skate Mate...this girl LOVED skating!

the S women did amazingly well skating around. pretty girls!

Charlie Sheen again.... Man, this guy is EVERYWHERE! but boy, can he skate. (Tom, I was really quite impressed with your mad skating skillz) I bet he's not moving very quickly today. I know David, Will and Ethan were hobbling around (though they had a 2 hour soccer practice right before the party...ha ha.)

happy skaters

David and Matt (his twin brother)

My sis and her hubs...they really longed for a couples/slow skate so they could snuggle and maybe even backward skate. Becky, you are an awesome speed skater.

This was Molly while we were at Steak N Shake afterwards....she was CRABBBBBY!! but what a great picture!

Last night, we hosted a skating party.

Since David skated THEE WHOLE TIME, I acted as the immobile half of our union. There were quite a few people that showed up (YOU ALL ROCK, you know that right???) yes, I'm leading up to a list of excuses as to why I DIDN'T get pix of everyone that attended and why there aren't any pix of David NOT skating.

He skated the whole time. I'm so glad he did. He had such a great time.
We want to thank every one of you that made the effort to come out and celebrate with us. It really, sincerely means a lot.

These are just a smattering of the pix that could've been all honesty, I'm a little bit sick, dealing with some weird right rib pains that are giving me fits of even more uncomfortableness than I was already I wasn't on top of my game in the photo dept.

And since Tom isn't on FB now, I can't go steal the few pix he took...if you were there, and I failed to get your pic, please PLEASE please forgive me. Most of David's Illinois family came over (THANKS GUYS), my family, Becky's entire in-law clan even came (THANK YOU C FAMILY...YOU ROCK)...Friends we haven't seen in a while, people that work with David, kind folks from church, even some folks we didn't know showed up...haha.

We have a VERY busy week ahead of us....I hope to be back at some point with some updates but for tonight, I'm tired, old and just glad that TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING WOOO HOOOOO!

Thanks again for all of your support and friendship...we are truly very blessed to have such great folks around us. MWAH!


Anonymous said...

So...what you're saying is that you want me to get back on FB so you can steal my pictures? What's in it for me?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you had a blast! I LOVE roller skating, although right now, wouldn't have been a good time for me, even if I were in Indy. :) I am not sure I would have kept my balance very good. Baby girl is still not ready to come....sigh. We go back on Wed. to see how much she has grown this time. :) Good to see everyone having such a great time!

((hugs to you my friend!))

Laurie and company said...

Tom, that sounds very Charlie Sheen of you...think of the joy your pictures bring to me and so many? Put aside your selfishness and be nice :)

I'm so with you, Shellee...though my bebe isn't ready to be born, I surely feel as if he could come and I'd be OK. I am waiting with bated breath to hear that sweet W baby girl has arrived safely! We are praying for you, friend!

Hugs to both of you...or all three of you....