Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These are for you, Tory!

January - Mom and Pheebs

February - LOVE, Ethan and Beck!

March - David and Tom, and hopefully SPRING. but that may just be TOO much to ask.

April - Easter & Aunt Lanie

May - Melanie and Duncan!

June - will be taken up by #6. he gets a month all to himself. until he gets here, it's just another quiet, grandkid kinda month...

July - when it rains, it pours...Char, Pipes and Molly...three of the funniest characters around!

August - Scott, Nora and Andy - again, three of the funniest characters around.

September - a quiet month for our family so I loaded it up with grandkid pix...Mom and Dad will have 11 this June.

October - Grandpa, Will and Levi...busy. manly.

November - give thanks and 2 anniversaries

December - Christmas and Laurie

So I a good cousin?? I finally got pix of the calendar I made for my mom...after returning to Indy from Cincy, the kids and I made a visit to my parents place...for a visit and turkey dinner (yum yuuuuum!)...I got really productive and thought it'd be nice if I actually took pix to show you.

I hope this makes your spring break week a little more tolerable. (what I'd give....)

Hugs to you, my cousin.

Be back later to start posting pics from our weekend/birthday get away....small doses. small doses.


Tory said...

Oh, the BEST cousin and daughter ever! Seriously. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift, and I am so glad that you took time to capture it in its full glory. I have a friend that made two scrapbooks for her eldest grandchild (one for her daughter and one for the grandchild), but she forgot to take pictures or make one for herself. But, she said that she thought that making two would be easy since it was just duplicate of the other one, but it was really a pain. But, the effort to document is worth it in the long run. Now, you have inspired me to try to do something similar one of these days...of course, it has to go in line behind all of the other projects. ;)

Hope that you are having a good joyful week. You certainly made my week.

Laurie and company said...

it is so sad to me, to look back on 2011 and see all the hope I had. I mean, sad in the sense of how it all turned out. I will always be thankful for the JOY and hope that Jack brought to our lives but I can't believe he isn't here.

I just don't think I will get over that.