Thursday, March 31, 2011

phone pictures...

we enjoyed a free night at a local Holiday Inn Express last night...I think I might have the best husband ever. He is one of the best dads I've ever been around. he has learned so much from his past and strives, daily, to take good care of us. You rock, David. Don't forget it...not perfect, just totally redirectable. Love you very much.

We enjoyed some swimming, Steak N Shake, and Long's Donuts. small, simple pleasures.

Sunday was the day that the big boys left...I was struck by Will's hands (probably because he was closer to me but...) I am a hand person. I appreciate them, that's one of the first things I notice on a person....Will's hands have always been very similar to his dad's. I love Daveyboy's hands...very manly. I loved seeing Will hang onto Levi, just hours before leaving us for 6 days. Ethan has great hands too....I think he could palm a basketball....this gives me a good idea for a future blog post...wheels are turning. hands.

just looking at this picture makes my eyes tear up. I can brag because this is my blog...but golly, God has given me, us 5 of the most incredible kids. Molly's a little out there right now...but, like her dad, she's totally redirectable (whew!) She was kinda worried about Levi.

I'm speechless. I wanna hug all of these smarties.

love my quiver full of kids.

Levi was beside himself, just imagining Will being gone for more than 2 hours. ahhhh. he has survived, though I'm very aware of just HOW much Will and E deflect for me in the question/care dept. awesome. awesome sons. love 'em. miss 'em. David is actually down with them it's just me, Levi and Molly. Molly's sleeping, Levi's playing cars and I'm blogging. Mel's at her friend's house....

Look at that big brother love. look at that hand. I miss my big boys. (for your information, Ethan is a bit more socially oriented so it was a bit more difficult to get him to stand still for pix. Plus, he'd found a group of friends to yak with so ya's not all that cool for your mom to snap pix of you and your friends. as if)

This was Sunday night...David had taken Mel and Levi to work with him...sweet sleeping pixie. She was just laying there, a-wetting her pantses.

there was an eclipse. glad I caught a pic of it...actually, this is my wiggly belly...I think, from detecting the motions of our 6th child, that he is going to give Moo a run for her money. hee hee...take that, tiny girl.

I was cleaning the garden tub yesterday and fell on him. kapow! never fear...he's fine. I'm slightly sore but all is well. I am very thankful, if not a bit out of breath and heart burny, to have less than 3 months to go...but I am making a concerted effort to cherish my private moments with my little buddy. there will never be another time like this. I realize this.

On that note, I am going to go spend some time with Levi...the nice guy. and choke down some Tums. ..... hope this kid has some hair. this heartburn is killer.

Shellee, I hope that, by the time you check in here, that you are holding onto your sweet baby girl! We've been praying for you! such excited for you and all of your guys!

Until next time...adios.

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