Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday happenings....

Our local credit union, Teacher's, hosted a Community Day at our favorite local library, Greenwood Public Library...this magician guy was pretty funny!

Mel got to represent Snow White, along with Lauren as Belle, Sarah as Aurora, and Annie as Tinker Bell. it was so flippin' adorable to see little kids walk up to them with adoration in their eyes....such sweet girls to play these roles. awwww. amazing!

such beauty...all over the place.

Levi really wanted to get his pic taken with all these pretty girls. Who could blame him? his big brothers weren't brave enough to do so...David did, but I will have to scan his pic in...he had it taken before I got there. ha ha. fun times.

Let me explain...look at the pic right below. This blue cat guy is Boomer...he is the mascot for our local Pacers team. As soon as Nora saw him, she kept her face buried for a good part of an was kinda funny. ya either love or hate him....he was a good sport. as you'll see below.

The princess squad even wanted a pic with Boomer.

Mel had to carry Piper over for her pic...she was none too thrilled.

Boomer was a good sport and snuck up behind our seated crew...notice Nora's hands. hilarious.

Grandpa and some of his girls!

Molly loves her Grandma. you just can't tell here...she was ready for some coffee.

Becky got brave and wanted a pic with Boomer!

How are you?
All is well here...we are alive. that's about it. :) waaa. I'm such a complainer. forgive me. it's still winter.

We are thinking of high-tailing it outta here. just chucking all of our responsibilities and going to a beach or somewhere like that. Frisbee, quiet time, change of scenery. I dunno. we will see.

On a fun note, my little sister turns 33 tomorrow. WOW! I can't believe this...she was JUST 16. really. We are having her birthday party tomorrow, as well as Tom and David's. We figure it's 2 less cakes that none of us "need" (but surely want, yo). And I know she isn't fond of the combination party but....

this year, Tom turns 41. He's really ok with that. David, on the other hand, turns the big 4-0. To celebrate, we are hosting a roller skating party here in town...chock full of 80's music and good times. You know you are can contact me for the full details. It only costs 3 dollars for skate rental...admission is on us. After the skate, we are caravanning to a local restaurant, dutch, and will finish up the celebration there. This all takes place on March 19th. 3 days before David has surgery to ensure that #6 is our last. Pray for's a wiggish event.

I hope to take lotsa pix tomorrow at the 3 in 1 party...I also hope to get our pix on here from last week's field trip to the Indiana Repertory Theatre's production of The Diary of Anne Frank. awesome. Promises, promises...I'll treadmill now and blog more later...I've posted the February 2011 album on Facebook so you can go see more of today's pix there...adios.

forgive the all over the placedness.


Tory said...

Nice new "blogground"! And, I love the pictures. Mel looks just like Snow White, and I love all of the little princesses. Wow, what a special treat on the last Sunday in February to find my most favorite blog updated. Thanks for the smiles, cuz! Hope that all is well with you and #6, and that you had fun at your trifecta b'day extravaganza.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Looks like the "royalty" and all involved had a ball. (hee-hee, pun intended - it's what you get on a school day. :)
Hope you are feeling better with sickness and hope you have a blessed time celebrating everyone's b-days. Please tell Becky - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from me! (Dave and Tom too!) Take care friend, and hope you get to have your getaway. :)