Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this boy...

will turn FIFTEEN in 4.5 days...

doesn't this beach scene look inviting??

I think so.

I find it so hard to grasp that Ethan James will be 15 soon. The winter that he was born, 1996, was a bleak, snowy one like the one we are in now. not to focus on this weather, of course. Ethan is our focus. ETHAN!! YOU da man...

In a side note, saw my midwife today...she showed me the proof of the good ultrasound report, which was very little son to be is very lively, and doing so well...kinda like all of his predecessors. Awww. I love him already.

If you could, maybe you could pray for me, as I'm very apprehensive about the birth...yeah, I know it's a long way off...but not really. less than 20 weeks...yikes. I keep having dreams that David delivers the bebe...I think he'd be good at it but then again...he's not so sure. scarred for life, he says. I'm starting some yoga to get a head start on my make it my friend during the contraction time.

Why did I choose homebirth again? because the good so totally outweighs the painful, scary stuff.

MH had a great pep talk with me today...gave me some good hints on how to get thru the rest of winter and assured me that I am NOT alone. It really HAS been a difficult winter and on top of that, a difficult winter to be pregnant. ahhh, validation. Heard Little Jack the Bear's heart beat, had good blood pressure, and I'm not swelling yet. yah for me.

I love to eat because it really sets this guy off...he gets really punchy...can't wait to meet him.

On that note, my omelet is ready so I'm outta here...hope this finds you enjoying these (hopefully) last frigid days of February...they say a warm up is on it's way....


Anonymous said...

Hi laurie! Happy early b-day Ethan! Good for you on the great visit!I am totally with you on the whole apprehensive thing...only I only have about 5-6 more weeks :) Next time tell MH I said hello!
(and that we're having a girl! ;)
((hugs)) Shellee

Anonymous said...

no, he's not allowed to get any older.
didn't he get the memo??
the rest of the kids, more aging!

and, too.
no more, I quit!

heehee, glad to hear the little one is growing fast and strong.
I remember the apprehension about birth. I told a high school friend of mine when he asked "how was i doing?"
that it was kind of like knowing you were gonna break your arm in a few weeks and it was going to hurt...really bad and there wasn't anything you could do about it.

wow, wasn't that positive and helpful??
well, I'll stop rambling.
have a good night, all!
huggles, nic