Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wish I was here...

isn't this glorious?

in all honesty, I'm glad I'm here (in Indy) but...isn't this inviting? I'm thinking we need a getaway to some place sunny, warmer, and beachy. I know. that's pushin' it...but....

I think it is because 1.) I'm pregnant...and 2.) this has been an unusually harsh winter in the midwest. I actually can't remember a more painful winter. I think it was 2003, but that was mostly just SNOW...this icy, gray/white terrain is really just not right. I am NOT an eskimo.

I'm done now...thanks for letting me vent.

On a brighter note, the SUN (aka big glowing orb in the sky that has been virtually MIA since November) made an appearance today and boy, is he fantastic. Even though I feel like doo-doo, having some Vitamin D infusion has been spectacular. And I hear that, even though we are in a deep freeze right now, till Friday....our weekend is looking to be quite balmy, 35 Sat, 40 something on Sunday and up. You realize, of course, that this is practically laying out in the sun weather for me?? I. Can't. WAIT!

sorry, I got off on the weather again.

The fam and I enjoyed two nights away at our favorite hotel, The Drury Inn and Suites. Thanks to my ever thoughtful hubby, Daveyboy, for being quite considerate of my mid-wintery blah. I love you, honey. thank you for putting up with my less than stellar moods lately. which reminds me, when we played Apples to Apples Saturday night, the first word(s) that we were supposed to play was fat & happy. Melanie thought it'd be fun to put down her card that said "My Mother". David said "Your mother is NOT happy".

on that note, Mel and I are heading to the YMCA tonight...looking into some prenatal swimming classes and maybe get some lead out...I surely do hope that this finds you doing well on this gorgeous, though frigid, winter day. Tory, I hope your tooth extraction went well and that the pic of Molly Tape face helped to calm you. Shellee, I hope this finds you enjoying these last few months of your pregnancy...praying for you, my friends and relatives.


Tory said...

I came here just because I didn't have any new e-mails, and with a big gaping hole in my mouth, I didn't feel like doing much of anything. And, while I was hoping to get a new post, I didn't have high expectations since I know how busy you are.

But, look what I found, a new background and a whole new post. What a happy surprise! You certainly made my day. So, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule yet again to share with us.

I am sorry about the winter. I am just hoping that this means that we will have a nice, balmy summer with lots of gardening and swimming. I am also hoping that all of this coldness will kill off some of the peskier bugs.

By the way, Molly Moo's picture did wonders. I printed off both pictures in a postcard size and literally took them in with me. But, once he starts working, I don't open my eyes until they sit me up and tell me that I am done. Do you know, that I could literally see her with those crazy pieces of tape? Seriously, it did help me.

I thought that it was pretty brutal; so, I am reconsidering not getting the implant. Have you made any decisions yet? Just wondering. I hate pain, and I am just afraid that it will be more than I want to take. I will be interested to see what you decide.

Well, there I go again, ramble...ramble. Thank you for the lovely distraction. Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie!
We had our check-up yesterday and Baby girl weighs around 5lbs. 12 oz. (not bad for 33 wks. Along, huh?) We also had a little surprise in that she is breech right now ( she's been in the right spot since 26 weeks) hopefully by our next visit (2/23) she will be back where she is supposed to be. Glad you got to enjoy your hotel :) this week is the snow festival here. ((hugs)) Shellee p.s. Tory I hope you feel better soon :)

Tory said...

Thank you, Shellee. I am finally feeling somewhat normal, now. Am praying for you and Laurie's pregnancies. Cannot wait to hear about these special little bundles of joy.