Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kid banquets 'n' stuff

the cute chick on the harp was at our table (I mean, she's not at our table in this picture but...). That's Maggie. Her family (Mom and two brothers, surrounding her with all their musical magnificence) played the special music at the Phos/Ontos Broken Hearts banquet. (they also played at the Kaleo banquet but I wasn't there). Talk about sheer talent! And can I tell you, I wish I could play the harp? an amazing instrument...a talented harpist!

This is the table that David, Levi and I served....what a nice group of young people!

Melanie, Sarah, and Annie, as they prepare to leave for the Kaleo Broken Hearts Banquet. Tammy, Bobby and Caroline served a table at this event...Lovely young ladies.

These events actually took place on the weekend before Valentine's Day and yes, I'm way behind.

Sooooo, how are ya?

After a little taste of spring last week, I'm feeling just DONE with winter. it was sooooooo nice around here last week. Birds were tweeting, ice melted, sun was SHINING! it was simply magnificent.

This week, we are back to winter. which is only right, considering it's only FEBRUARY 22nd. seriously?

I hope to get my pix from our trip to the Indiana Repertory Theatre last week to see the Diary of Anne Frank. THAT was amazing. We were four rows from the stage and boy, it was like being in the Secret Annex. When the Nazis raided at the end, whew! it was almost too much...TK and I were sniffling and sobbing. David even shed a few tears...wow.

I'm exhausted tonight...so I'm going to sign out but hope that this finds you well and healthy...enjoying Winter's last attempt to keep hold of us. Until next time...

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Tory said...

Yay, a new post! What an amazing find to look and see a new entry. I have a friend at church that has never heard a harp in person, and she would have loved this.

It sure looks like ya'll had fun. And, the Diary of Anne Frank sure sounds interesting. Hope that you have a nice week and that it isn't too frigid. Hugs, cuz, t