Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday update...

Becky got $ for the iPod she is wanting to get.

not sure if David got anything. ha ha.

Uncle Tom, flanked by his two blonde nieces. I think they were trying to take his birthday money.

this is how Molly digests her carbs.

Ethan, Will and Mel, trying to digest their delicious Grandma-made lasagna before embarking on the infamous Boyden's cake perfection! Love E's expression.

Beck just proves that being 33 does not require one to be serious and boring! (this is one of her famous "self portraits")

My very serious, nearly 40 year old husband. (he won't greet 40 till this coming Sunday, March 6th)...Hello Chief.

David wanted to embrace these two (I mean, they are employees of his and such...) and Beck thought it would be fun to grimace...David made us re-do it...see below

We gather together to celebrate the momentous births of these 3 amazing people! Three of my favorites.

This girl had a busy day...she went to church with Beck and her family...spent the afternoon playing with the girls and there was no time for her nap between pick up time from Becky's and heading back to Beck's for the birthday party. Needless to say, she was grumpy, frenetic, and over tired. We got home by 9 p.m., she got herself p.j.'d up and tried to sneak past me. I nabbed her, and amidst her protests of "I'm not tirrrrrrred", I pinned her down and she instantly fell asleep. it was niiiiiiiiiice. and quiet. whew. she is quite precious when she sleeps though. I'll give her that. :)

(notice I took her stinkin' paci outta her mouth...I'm trying. I really am.)

So, it's Monday again.

I will bullet point some of the things I'm looking at this week:

~Another month starts, which is cool in a way, and with it brings spring. Our beloved Aunt Sherry & Uncle John (remember the Great Adventure trip, Kansas stop) are MOVING here this very week. Tomorrow in fact. Today is her birthday!

~David will turn 40 this coming Sunday. That almost leaves me speechless. hold on...I need a moment.

~I am 23+ weeks today, can't believe how fast, yet how slowly this pregnancy seems to be going. I am trying to "live in the moment" and enjoy this, as it will be my last one (yes, I know I've said this before but now I MEAN IT. if you've been around me, you have to know I'm DEAD serious.) I enjoy feeling the nameless one wiggle around, esp. after I've eaten...and I'm really trying to soak this up. I just know I will miss it. but honestly, I will be really glad to live through another labor and delivery, au naturel. Can't wait to see this guy's face.

~I guess I didn't have as many things to say as I thought I would.

In other news, Melanie and I really enjoyed a Mother/Daughter time away yesterday morning. My sis took Molly for me and David had the 3 boys. We went down to the Edinburgh outlet, enjoyed browsing without Molly. The weather was really mild (though it's far from mild today, due to thunderstorms that rolled thru last night, bringing with them cooler temps). Mel got a cool new Gap sweatshirt and I found a Gymboree blanket for #6 (the same blankie brand as Molly's) with little crocodiles on it.

got me thinking as to how funny it is that baby girls clothing is all flowers, mermaids, and cuteness, while baby boys clothing is bull dogs, sharks, crocodiles, and earth moving equipment. Very non-cuddly. kinda funny to me.

I will leave you on that note...time to gather my strength for the next 3+ hours out of the house tonight. ugh.

Maybe I'll put the crib up.


Tory said...

Good morning (or whatever it is when you are reading this)! I feel that it is appropo that I am drinking my coffee while chatting with you. I caught the pictures yesterday, but never found time to read your many thoughts.

I had never had that thought about girls being princesses and boys being crocodiles. But, that is so true, isn't it?

Good to hear that you got some time with Mel, and that you are enjoying pregnancy #6. I just know that if #6 is as special as 1-5, he will most certainly be a blessing.

Have a great day/week. Hope that Shellee is doing well...isn't she due soon?

All the best, t

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a fun time at the party! :) so glad that your pregnancy is going well. :) We are well here...just waiting to see if baby girl is going to flip like she is supposed to, or if we end up with our 1st c-section. We find out on the 9th. Love the pictures of Molly, she is TOO cute. So glad you got to spend some special time with Mel, my Mom was my very best friend and times like that were so special! I think it's neat that you have a great relationship with her. :) ((hugs)) Shellee
P.S. Tory - thanks for asking, I really appreciate it. :) Glad we can be blog friends - Laurie - have Becky give you a big hug for me, ok?

Tory said...

Will be praying that the baby is a gymnast and flips at just the right time! Cannot wait to hear about her,Shellee!

Tory said...

Apparently, you heard that I was on Spring Break this week, and thought that I wouldn't be paying attention to your blog. Well, you were sadly mistaken because when I could scare up enough time to get on, there was no new news. Oh well, cuz, I just hope that this means that you are busy being a prego mommy! Hugs from West Virginia, t

p.s. oh get this, wv: horabrat...That child that screamed and hit their mommy was such a horabrat that I wanted to take them out to the shed myself. ;)

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know that the baby TURNED, Praise the LORD! Thanks for praying! Had an ultrasound today that confirmed it. :) She is growing and healthy...Dr. thinks she weighs about 9 lbs. at this point (37 wks.)