Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'd like to be, under the sea...

Molly: inside out bathing suit, showing her sassy dance moves to Bulletproof. this girl has rhythm.

we have the coolest kids...Levi wins the award for nicest Coppertone tan! He looks like my sibs and I did from our summers in Grandma T's pool.

Will & Levner

they do this a lot!! Levi has become such a good swimmer this summer....I'm so impressed!

notice who's knocking me over here...Mr. Splashypants...he lives to splash me, dunk me, and knock me off my tube!

Ethan likes to pretend he's dead. creepy.

Melanie is our Ethel Merman...synchronized swimming delight...

David brought home his Sbux treat...and Molly delighted in it...oh my!

Molly has also, just in the past 2 weeks, become quite the little daredevil. it is sooo cute to watch her jump in...she really should be a gymnast.

look at those legs! amazing!

Tom, my big bro, got an underwater camera...this was our first adventure with it! Oh, the fun to be had...

These were taken on Friday, July 23...I shall truly miss these delightful summer months when winter rears it's head...we have had such a nice time cooling off, chillaxing with my parents in our little oasis.

Thanks, for the 4th season, to Becky's C in-laws, for giving us this true gift! We LOVE it more every year...

Hope you've had a wonderful's to a new week...

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