Friday, July 9, 2010


Molly at 8 months. Love that big square head...and spindle-y li'l neck holding it up. awww, good job neck!

I don't know about you, but birthdays make me think. nice to know something makes me think, right? shaddap.

~First thoughts: "What was I doing on this day three years ago???" finding out we were only at 4 cm. Beck drove me home (bad move huh?). Retrieved my family, went to bank and Sbux, got home, contx picked up INSTANTLY! crazy, movie-like ride to birth center, tried to hold baby IN, got there in nick of time, Molly Christine born at 2:55 pm, bright sunny hot day. Seven pounds, 7 ounces, bright and chubby right off the bat. If I think hard enough, I can still feel it. (it's raining today, I can always tell I've had babies when it rains...TMI? dunno)

~looking at my post from yesterday, I think it's so neat how God uses us as mother's to fill so many roles...our very first being the host, master gardener, whatever you wanna call us...then when the birth starts, we become a vessel.

however long your delivery takes, your life changes dramatically from incubator to vessel to sustainer/encourager/caregiver.

As a mom, that will never change. Even when your baby becomes a big ol' teenager! (isn't that just so cool??) or when their feet are bigger than yours....I could go on.

Molly (Will, Ethan, Mel, Levi too), I am so blessed to have been your vessel to LIFE! You guys are one awesome little brood of kids to mother! I praise the Lord for the daily reminders He sends. so cool.

ok, gotta finish cleaning the house so I can enjoy the weekend! Hope this finds you healthy and whole...thanks for letting me get all nostalgic on ya.


Noshings said...

you make the pertiest babies!
back on topic, you are absolutely right, there's no feeling like carrying a precious bundle of blessings...swollen ankles, morning sickness and all =)

Laurie and company said...

thanks, Nicole...right back at ya!

nice to see ya last week...I could stand and talk to you ALL DAY!