Sunday, July 11, 2010

call me crazy

I just got really bored blogging, so I will cut this short for are a few precious pix of #4 and #5 enjoying some beloved summertime activities...

it is the year of the push up and I don't mean bra...har har.
after seeing Levi in a swimsuit, we may want to take it easy on said push ups. i'm just sayin'. (love you, li'l Roundy)

Tambo gave us their little play house...I don't think my kids believe it's theirs yet. they are in shock. I moved it today (with some help from #1 and #3) down to the back was killing my struggling grass. Thanks K fam...Caroline will have to come over and play, for old times sake. We shall have tea and scones on the veranda.

one of summer's richest blessings...sunflowers, zinnias, echinacea, cosmos and other random plants. when they start sprouting, I weep with joy.

Folks, I'm heading to Green Gables (we love Anne)...but I have so many pix to blog. I will have to return to my sweet Good Life tomorrow morning, once I shoo David out the door (at 5 am)...our new schedule has us way more regulated and, though it's been a challenge to get used to, I LOVE IT! We go to bed when it's still sorta light outside...if you know us, you know that is weirrrrd.

Hope your weekend was spectacular. I know ours was. so much to say, so much to say.

Good night. God Bless you...

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