Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our trip to the zoo. last week.

The dolphin show is always delightful...

My peeps, checking out the cool sharks....yeah, my pix are out of order as usual.

running out to check the rhinos....I love that my husband is a big kid. David, you are the best dad I know! hands down...thanks for taking the day, though hot, to go to the zoo with was really fun, in spite of the heat.

it does this on it's own.

whatta place to be...on top of the world, on your daddy's better place to be, huh, Molls?

Lovely daughters...

Hello are a scary sort.

He just kept circling his enclosure...seeming to say "I really wanna eat a few of those people out there....since I can't, I pace...yeah." Very frightening to me....and yet, so amazing because God created this guy for something. Don't know what...but I'm sure it's good.

Will and Levi, hanging with a local anaconda. ha ha. kids (1-3) did pet cool. I wasn't brave enough.

I have more pix I could post but I am exhausted tonight...we are on our new schedule...and it's working well...up at 7:30, in bed by's working well. (Besides that, I spent 2.5 hours at Dr. Q's today...1-4 had cleanings...and my loving parents were outta town for the, yup, you guessed it, I had Molly, at the dentist office, smack dab in the middle of NAP TIME! fun, fun times!)

Will is now a high school I've been laboriously working on getting a portfolio together to begin the task of record keeping so the boy stands a chance at college....and for an unorganized sort like me, that is no easy task!

A nice reward lies ahead for me though. Tomorrow, I am leaving all FIVE of my children here at home with their loving father! I'm outta here....heading to a Women's retreat with the lovely ladies of my church...and it couldn't have come at a better time!~ Looking forward to being edified, refreshed, exhorted, and taught from God's Word...get to hang with Courtney (memba her???) and her momma...sharing a room with 'em...yehaa! (but I will miss you, kids, I really me, text me...)

So that's that...hope you've had a fantabulous week...and that you can find something everyday to be thankful for...I know I've been trying to focus on that...but that's for another post.

Good night and God Bless YOU!

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