Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabbaliciousness...


Does anyone else find this preschool/school age children's show strangely amusing?

~I do. I'm a Yo Gabba Gabba fan....this is thee only show Molly will bring me the remote for...."I want Gabba"...and when it's over? "Gone gone" ... So my bigger kids had Blue's Clues and Arther. Levi has enjoyed Caillou (blech) and Molly be lovin her some Gabba.

Just wanted to share that. get that off of my chest.

~It's Sunday today. We had a great worship service....a nice lunch/coffee excursion with Steve G. and his kids afterwards....brought one of his daughters home with us....I ditched 'em all for the Y with Beck...pretty sad when a getaway to an exercise establishment is a "break". not really. it's amazingly therapeutic and I am so "proud" of myself for building up (though slowly) in the jogging/running department. I am not a runner by any means. But I'm starting to dig it. Just a bit. Not fanatical...but healthily. Beck, glad you can outrun go girl! You rock! and your new kicks are pretty sweet too.

~Man, I'm really rambly. so now Will is at his Phos/Ontos group (think Youth Group) led by Mike and Pam (I've blogged about them before, remember Patria??), E, Mel, Hope, Molly and Levi are downstairs doing kid things. David is running some worky errands with Tommyboy....and I'm blogging and listening to Vic Damone singing "Cheek to Cheek". I guess I should go get some laundry done or make sure Molly isn't nude.

~I hope to get a different camera this week...we shall see how that goes....until then, bear with me on the weird picture front.

Thanks and have a nice rest of your holiday weekend. God Bless you!

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