Sunday, September 27, 2009

History Fair 09

I don't know this little girl. She was not that old but her presentation was so cute. The kids were to start out with their names but she started out "My name is Queen Elizabeth...." she did a really great job...

All the homeschool presenters....good job kids!

Here's Will giving his presentation on Wilbur and Orville Wright....Great work, Will!

Mel did her presentation on Sacajawea...Excellent work, Young Lady!

Ethan's presentation was on Ulysses S. Grant, our 18th President...Smooth operating, E!

It was really neat to participate in the History Fair at the Greenwood Public Library last week. I'm so thankful that our local library has cool things for homeschooled kids to do.

Good work to all the kids!


Denise said...

Neat! (Did I just use the word "neat"?) Anyway, that's a pretty cool opportunity for homeschoolers. How do you find out about things like this? Just curious. Will be homeschooling very soon...

Laurie and company said...

You will be amazed at the opportunities you hear about, Denise...just check your local libraries...though GPL really focuses on homeschooling.
And yes you said NEAT but that is cool! Neat is a very descriptive Neat-o, that's another story! :)