Monday, October 8, 2012

hide your camera from your kids, part...who knows.

someone, ahem, has discovered my camera. 'tis not a very flattering photo, little one.
I love that my big boys have passed on their love of all things Lego to their younger sibs.
They're so good at it, that they build with Levi and Moo and then take pix of their creations.
my heart swells.

There's even a church in Legoland.

drawbridge n stuff.

oh my stars! this is where my kids' pix end and mine start....
We had Nora last Wed while Beck took Pipes to the doc for her injured arm (she's fine. she has learned NOT to ride the scooter, in high heels, on the wood floor. it's a lose/lose sitch)
All that to say, we broke out the crafts that I bought for my kids LAST Christmas, for the kids to work on.
Here we have those snazzy little window suncatchers.
note to self: pay attention to the 6+ age suggestion. 
The BEAN and her suncatcher!! so cute!!

it really is a good thing that the "babies" are so darn cute.

Levi did a bang up job on his space ship sun catcher!
Go boy!

What's gonna work??   teamwork!

my delicious new HYBRID countertop and new stainless sink and snazzalicious faucet.

I may or may not need a brace. I dunno.
These are my new Mizuno shoesies. isn't it amazing how flexible I am? har har
I wanted my readers to be able to see the sheer awesome pink and greenish yellow goodness that is my shoes.

E and his little shadow.
They've been going on some really cool nightly adventures outside. Tonight's adventure was getting the baby possum out of our window well. ewww.

while all of my darling children were reading or drawing or preparing for movie night, I had THIS to look forward to.
I'm getting back on the Run Your B*tt Off program. Running is truly the best cardio and I have been slacking a bit lately. So I'm back in the saddle again.
I even got 2.50 miles in and my strength session for Monday. whew!

here are my artistic children. yes, Mel is wearing lumberjack gear.
I don't get her sometimes.
but she's pretty.
and oh so sweet.
So ya know, I have all of these "great" thoughts I wanna blog about, all thru the day.

And when I sit down to blog, all reason just flies out the window and I forget what I wanted to blog about. I truly do believe that I have some sort of memory issue. The repercussions of grief will always be present and not knowing which stage or "feeling" will be next challenges me.

I know this:

God is good. He is worthy of my trust and praise. He is faithful and His mercies are new EVERY morning. I trust Him and I know He holds my future. I have been washed by the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.

That's about all I know.

The thought that is on replay in my mind is this (and I wonder it for myself just as much)....why can't we be even a jot as merciful as He is? I want people to be that way with me but I don't even attempt to be that way to others.

that is just a li'l snippet of what's going on with me. there is so much more but I can only blog so much...

My eldest son is one week, seven days, a little over 168+ hours from becoming an adult, a registered voter, EIGHTEEN. talk about a blubbering, nostalgic fool. that'll be me.

just wanted to warn you.

thanks for stopping by. thanks for caring. for praying. for sticking by me. it means a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

What a present to get such surprise pix that will be around to remind you of such special times. They are so funny.

I know it's unusual, but I was thinking about you last night. The message was about how Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, and it made me think of how much that you must understand that story at its core.

Many fall thoughts to you and your munchkins,

Tesha said...

Love the pictures! Your shoes are awesome:):) Looks forward to blubbering nostalgia!

ashley said...

you should have seen me speedwalking through old navy to catch you. i'm so glad i saw you and got to meet Mel! i think of you all frequently, so it was joy to actually see you!
(i just typed joy without thinking, and then realized it's sweet baby JOY that has me remembering you so often)