Wednesday, October 17, 2012

we have another adult in our house (a very "Will" post)

Will (orange) and Ethan (grey) coached Molly and Nora's U6 soccer team this fall.   My heart may burst.

do you have any pictures of a moment in your life, when it changed for the better? This is mine. In other pictures from Will's birth, David is in pure shock. Even shedding tears. I like to think it's because I had just given birth to his Mini Me (all 8 lbs, 11 oz of him, no less) but he told me later that it was because Will had a major conehead. He was freakin' out. He failed to pay attention in our childbirth classes when the midwives talked about that possibility. It makes for great stories around the table. He still refers to newborn Will as "Long Head". ha haaaaaa.

With his Grandma Greenhill (2 weeks old)

sweet li'l bebe boy (with my Grandma Taylor)

gotta watch those quiet (er) guys. 
This was taken at Jack's July 16, 2011 celebration. I know Jack would've LOVED Will's physical comedy.
Maybe he is...from afar.
This was taken in Flagstaff, AZ on his 15th birthday. We went to the Grand Canyon the next day. See below.

A grand guy!

Wolverine, aka Willverine

Decorating Christmas cookies. I think he really enjoyed himself.

always so cute!

Me and my two little guys. I love my jumper.

no words. I miss these two littles.

Cheeser. always the cheeser

Bismarck, ND, July 1996. A Will Classic

precious babies

Will at one month, with his Aunt Natalie. precious.
I'll be back to wax eloquent on what it's like to have our first 18 year old and why that's so bittersweet to me.

but I'm out the door to retrieve Ethan from taking his PSAT.

back later!!


I'm back. Ethan believes he may have done ok on his PSAT. The results will come in the mail. I'm strangely nervous.

I didn't get to blog on Will's actual birthday (Yesterday) because He and David were trying to get out the door to Champaign IL. They finally left around 3 p.m.  The day was so weird and out of sorts that we who remained at Young Manor gave it up and went to see Brave at the cheapo theatre.

Today has been mega blah but good blah. Just an at home day, with the exception of running E out to has stormed (which LEVI LOVES) and some organizing and switching things out for fall/winter.

Tomorrow morn, I will be driving E to Covington IN to meet up with his dad and bro.

sounds pretty dang exciting, huh?

I will refrain from waxing eloquent, as I stated above that I'd be doing. I'm just not "feelin' it" right now. I have so many thoughts that I probably should NOT blog or have been advised not to blog so for now, I will just share these delightful pix of my precious firstborn son, Will Franklin Young and celebrate the JOY, mercy, grace and love that he brings to our family. I am truly blessed and thank the Lord Jesus for the gift of Will. I got to enjoy my firstborn child and I can't help but think of some friends that have had to say an earthly goodbye to their firstborn children. It just makes no sense to us.

And as my friends, Robin and Bob shared with me, God sees the finished tapestry. All we see are the strings and disarray of the unfinished artwork...I'm trusting in Him. Hope your Wednesday is fabulicious!

Will in the spring of 1995.  that face.


Tesha said...

Love the sweet pictures!! What a baby cutie Will is :) Praying for you I am sure it is hard to have your first born become a grown up.

Jamie said...

18?! Wow. Oh I wish I'd have known the Will in the bibs! I'd have never stopped taking pictures. Ha! You're a good mama. I've blogged a couple times recently after a year off. Strangely, I go back and read them and don't remember writing them. Hmmm

Myssi Mancilla said...

Nice, Will is so handsome!
Who was your midwife in the picture? :)

Laurie and company said...

thank you, sweet Tesha. I hope you are doing well! <3

Jamie, I do the same darn thing..isn't it weird? so it's a good thing that we are blogging, even if we won't/don't remember...will give us a peek at how we were doing at these different stages of grief.

Myssi, Thank you. Mary Ann was my midwife. she rocks. she was the main reason I kept having kids. ha ha. I kid. sorta. Her apprentice actually delivered Will...she got there right after he came out. Praying for you, hope you are doing very well <3

Anonymous said...

I remember Will as a baby.... So stinking adorable!!! I remember thinking then that if I ever got married and had kids I hoped that they would be half as gorgeous as yours...... :0) MA IS awesome and that's for sure! You should send her a recent pic of you and Will together, she'd love it!!!! Love you my friend and will be praying for you as you adjust to life with an extra adult around.
( we're adjusting to life with our first teenager in the house! Advice welcome!!)

Hugs to you my friend! I saw some awesome clouds today and thought of you.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, the faces of cute and varied. This digital photobook is so amazing. What a gift that you do this for all of your immediate family, every year. One of the highlights of my year...of course, the top highlight is your Christmas picture. Have a great weekend!

Love, Tory