Friday, October 12, 2012

Phone pic catch up!

Today is catch up day...I'm getting pix off of my phone today and here are just a few of the delights!

our cousin, Kara, making our niece, Sophie, smile. precious.

Nick and Will think they are soooooo funny (and they ARE!) While the women were crafting, the men were mocking.
not really...but these two really know how to make me laugh. The guy is saying "I love craft star time!"
Heeeehhhheeeee. These were taken at the Young Fam Reunion. I'm a tad behind.

my fascination with clouds continues (Aug)

Jack's Garden, in August

Sept. I probably blogged this already. forgive. We went to IKEA, remember? and Mel and I dig this couch.

Here are my peeps getting finished on the family raft! so. much. fun at Great Wolf Lodge.
so tiring!!

These were taken at the Canal, on Jack's 15 month with Jesus day. Such a glorious day. Levi was with John and Sherry!
This is Darth Vader (or as Will used to call him, Doff Vader) behind them.

this is a funny pic.
How did this Aug pic get down here? well, is David, with his free coffee.
October. The view from above Molly. Reminds me of Dorf.

Last weekend, Mel, Moll and I drove to Logansport for my beautiful friend, Monica's bridal shower. They had it in a carousel building. Very cool!

Menards' Halloween display!

We pretty much have the bestest and most awesome far away cousins. My kids have never had the pleasure of meeting my cousins, Tory, Linda and David. Heck, I've only seen them a handful of times in my life but that matters not!
I just want to make sure you know, T, L, and D, how much we appreciate the thoughtful things you send. We love your cards and surprises and care. In fact, Levi went right up, and wrote in his card for I need to get some of that mailed out. THANK YOU, loved ones. You brighten our days 

The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast...this was just after I'd braised all ingredients, prepping for 4 hours of roast time. But doesn't it look good? it was DELICIOUS! mmmm mmm good.


Anonymous said...

That little one with the kitty cat card is so cute...just want to pinch those cheeks! Glad that they got there, and I just love your stories.

Have I told you that I am bad at making pot roast? So, I am wanting to try this recipe. As a matter of fact, it is sitting open on my browser. When I saw you post it on Facebook, I looked it up immediately. It's one thing that mom can make that no matter what I do, I just don't do her pot roast justice. So, if I cannot beat them, I first try another recipe and see if I can conquer...if not, I just drop them! ;) I am glad to know that it was good.

I hope that you all have an awesome weekend! And, thanks for the post,

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all of the wonderful pics! Please send me an email with Monica's details I don't even know who she's marrying!!! I am Soooo out of the loop! Isn't it fun to get cards and packages in the mail?! Our whole day pretty much grinds to a halt when we get a box or package, hee-hee. I Love that you have such awesome cousins! I think that Tory is awesome and I only know her through here! (hope your pot roast turned out well Tory!)
Love you my dear friend! Thanks for keeping us updated on you and your crew! I look forward til next time!