Monday, May 2, 2011

rainy days, Mondays with a splash of royal.

I really wish Diana had been in this balcony scene. there. I said it.

yes, I took pictures of my telly while viewing the nuptials. I so loved watching the Royal Wedding of Princess Kate and Prince William...lovely.

On that note, I know I'm long overdue for a blog that I cannot lift Tom's pix from Facebook anymore, it's harder for me to find photo inspiration.

It's raining. again. I mean, really, it's May now and I thought April was showery and May was flowery. I am in serious Vitamin D deprivation. It's way better than winter, don't get me wrong...but today, the high is 48 degrees.

Take that.

This week promises to be full of high adventure....Midwife appointment, Mel and Levi's recital, Mel's trip to the Kaleo Mud Bowl, soccer, school, life....hope this finds you enjoying your first Monday of May...I will try to get back on here later.


Tory said...

Very unusual post for you, but it certainly sums up their wedding very well. I am glad that you were able to enjoy it. As for the Vitamin D deprivation, I will pray that you will soon see the sun, and that you will get caught up. ;) If I could, I would definitely send some your way. However, just think, summer and baby #6 will come bringing plenty of extra sunshine.

Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

hi Laurie!
I hope that you will have sunshine's rainy here too as of late. Grace weighs around 10 lbs. now. She will be 1 month old on fri., it's so hard to believe! before you know it, your little blessing will be here! (I do have to say I am glad it's you and not me that is still expecting, though. lol)

been thinking of you lots my friend. :) pray for you too!

((hugs)) - Shellee

Tory said...

Is it later yet? ;)