Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a Nessie sighting....

yes, I'm huge. I'm betting the baby isn't though. How can I get any bigger without exploding?

As uncomfy as I am, I don't ever want to forget these feelings. Pregnancy and childbirth is such a gift. I realize this...please don't ever think I don't thank the Lord for this time of my life. (I'm writing this to myself because I know, strangely, I will miss this! I WILL)

I covet your prayers.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have them my friend! We prayed for you in church last night too! waiting to hear how your appointment ges :)

((hugs)) Shellee

Laurie and company said...

thank you so MUCH Shellee! Appt was fab, MH remembered you and was so glad to hear that you got your girl!! she enjoys getting your updates.
As for baby Y, he's head down today, and has been all week (thank You, Lord!!) and if he wanted to come anytime after the next two weeks are up, we'd be ok with that. I'm nervous. wha??
I am so thankful for you, for your prayers, it means so much to me. Can't WAIT to see some recent pix of sweet is she doing??? I'm sure she has 9 guys in the palm of her tiny hand....awwww!
Praying for you, as always, dear friend.

Noshings said...

awww but its so amazing, isn't it??
good to see and hear you and the babe are doing well =)
I stopped by today, but you weren't there.
Hope to see you soon!! *hugs*