Monday, May 9, 2011

update....nothing too thrilling.

Have I blogged this photo yet? this is my midwife, who I will refer to as MH in future posts. to protect her anonymity and stuff. plus, it's hard to type Mary Helen all the time.

Oh my dear, faithful cousin Tory...I am so sorry to keep you waiting, wondering. I have been so bad about taking pics with my actual camera.

To update ye:

Last week, David, the kids and I enjoyed a two night escape to....RICHMOND. I know, exotic, right? Actually, Daveyboy will be on a big job there for the next 6+ weeks (it's not too far from our home) so we went to scope out the area, and enjoy some much needed away time from our money, I mean, home sweet home. I had my appt with MH, everything is peachy, except for the fact that bebe sextus continues to move from a heads down position to a heads up position, which is not cool in my book or anyone's for that matter. I covet your prayers that he will cooperate by this Friday (week 34) and remain in the proper pose. little punk. Other than general discomfort, a sore back, heartburn, I'm feeling groovy. (ya like that? choosin' some joy.)

Piano recital and Mel's retreat to MudBowl on Friday. Soccer all day Saturday, porch project. Church and Mother's Day celebration on Sunday...when people say they are so ready for the weekend, I cringe. Our weekend's are so jam-packed that it's very difficult to find a moment of rest.

I really will try to take some pix of the happenings....I do enjoy looking back on the memories....and I really do need to get a pic up on here of me. I apparently look as if I might be carrying more than one child. The cashier at Target, a young, sweet girl, asked me if there was possibly more than one baby in my abdomen. The kid will probably be tiny...and I'll just have all this loose skin...

I'm tired, hope this finds you well and healthy...hugs and love from me to you.


Tory said...

Oh, yay, a post! Your midwife looks like Mother Nature. ;) And, don't worry about that kiddo at Target, I am sure that you look nothing but beautiful. It's just this kid is making himself so comfortable that he is using every last inch of space that he can find.

You sure sound good which is good to hear and quite infectious.

Are you going to have a gardene this year with everything else going on? I am just growing tomatoes this year and a few herbs. I figured the rest, we could get at the Farmer's Market. But, there is nothing like a personaly homegrown tomato.

Hugs back to you. I also hope that Shellee and company are doing well.

Take care, Tory

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie!
Did your little guy turn yet? I have been praying and wondering... Do you have an appt. again soon? Praying for you as you are on the homestretch now. :) `Ganbatte! (don't quit) Grace is almost 6 wks old now, it's hard to believe. She weighed 10.5 lbs. last week at her 1mo. checkup. She is starting to smile...the boys adore her. :)
Spring is finally starting to come here now! I'll send you some pics of Grace soon if you would like.
Hi Tory! Hope you are doing well.
((hugs)) Shellee
P.S. Tell MH hi for me....the twins will be 4 next!