Friday, May 20, 2011

prego pix by Nat!

umm, can someone help me hold this up? (whoa, big laddddy!)

Molly and Ryan...adorableness.

In a month, when my tummy is still this big but extremely squishy, I will cry when I see this picture. :)

I simply love David's impish grin in this pic. he's just cute.

again, in one month, do you actually, as Brittany said on Facebook, think I will want anyone to take a concentrated photo of my midsection? you're right, no.

the Y block kept moving because the little guy was kicking right then. it was kinda cute. such a clever pic, Nat.

love this.

with God's help, we did this. weird.

so artsy.

love child. isn't Daveyboy just cute as he gets older? I be thinkin' so. fine wine.

I really just can't wait till #6 is not shrouded in our family photos. it will be so nice to have him here. and to be done. amen. love this amazing group of peeps.

and to end with one of my faves. here's to hands, which I've posted about (back in March/April)....I LOVE THIS PICTURE. I love all these grubby little hands and not so little hands. Mel wishes she hadn't had her nails painted but it's cool to me because it makes her hand stand out.

David's next to last sister, Natalie, a semi-frequent subject on my blog and off to the right side, you can view her blog, Next to Last, was wanting to increase her portfolio for her photography. I volunteered our family. Also, my midwife suggested we get some pix to document this last pregnancy. What stinkin' fun was this? So, all credit goes to Nat...and if you are in this area or western Illinois/Danville/Georgetown, may I suggest using her services? She is chock full of groovy, and clever ideas and very willing to take any suggestions. Great work, chick. I know who will be taking Will's senior pix...and so on. Thank you so much, NS. We love 'em and thank you for the opportunity to get some great shots.

So this weekend will be rather crazy hectic...last soccer games tomorrow (can I get an amen? can I get a whoop whoop??), grad open house for fellow homeschool family, and hopefully time to get the pool all hooked up and ready for the warmth...I am soooo very excited about this. Sunday will find David heading back to his camp out in Richmond but with no soccer or Biology, we might be able to be lazy. maybe I can get the lawn mowed completely. and plant my tomatoes.

Well, I need to run, gotta pick up Mel from Kaleo and get to sleep (ha ha. yeah right) for the busy day ahead. Hope this finds you well and gearing up for a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What adorably cute pics! Great job by your sil. If I could I would love to have her take pics of Grace for me, but Japan's a bit far, huh.

You are such a cute pregnant Mommy! :)


Brittany said...

I LOVE the pic of the hands and that Mel's hand stands out. It's who she is right now. She's a fun teenager and I'm sure she's very excited about this little brother of hers.

And you KNOW I love your belly pic. I have some similar and I really love them.

I hear you about looking at the other picture later and crying when you see it. I loved being pregnant...but not enough to do it again! :)