Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ok, I'm back....

somehow, I thought I added this pic with the other pool this pic of Will and Molly should be down in that grouping. Isn't this girl blessed to have such a cool group of older siblings?

Levi on the ginormous play structure at the Glen Miller Park in Richmond, IN.

This is in Centerville. May 4-6, David, the kids and I went over to this area where he will be working till sometime in June. This is a new INDOT facility that will be putting David's new flooring down in the whole building...pretty cool deal. The big white tank truck is where they get their water. (they are staying on site, very primitive thus far)

Inside the rest area....look back to May of last year, the New Buffalo/Michigan City rest area was pretty old and worn out in comparison.

A very nice, new facility.

Annie, Mel and Levi wait anxiously for the recital to start...good job, pianists!

May 6th, Piano Recital. Blurry pic of Melanie...but she was moving and it was hard to get focused on her...she was the first one, followed by Annie K, and then Levi....Mel and Annie left right after they performed so they'd make it to their Kaleo Mud Bowl in time. Thanks to Tambo for running them down to the boondocks.

Levi's first recital, accompanied by his lovely teacher, Mrs. Stiles.

gotta hand it to ya,'re pretty handsome!

Molly, you're cute, even with dorky glasses on.

This is Will's Biology class on their last day of class (May 16th). Will really enjoyed being in Mrs. Thais' class (she's on the very left hand side), and we feel blessed to have found such a neat homeschool academy to help the kids out with some of their trickier subjects. (like anything science/math related). Will will be taking Chemistry with Mrs. T again next year. Ethan will take her Biology class and together, they will be in her World Lit/Composition class. Melanie will also be taking General Science at this Academy, with another teacher. We are very excited for this! Next goal: get Will driving....we are on our way!

Mel dumps the gunk after Levi sucks it up. They did such a good job!

Ethan was another important part of this daunting task! I love that my kids are old enough to carry some of the pool prep load. They help without grumbling. I'm blessed. so blessed.

the Elementary school up the hill hosted an event today which consisted of local news channels and fire and rescue vehicles....a few months ago, we had a kid come into a local school with a gun, and he proceeded to shoot a fellow student. Mom said this was something to do with safety and precaution. exciting times in Waverly.

a bit at a time....

Pink is the theme of my flowers this geraniums, petunias, and some yellow marigolds, yellow and orange zinnias...spring makes me so happy. even if it is rainy and chilly...

Pool is ready to accept water, though we are waiting due to the post wrapping project, which has caused us to take down the green rabbit proof fencing, that keeps Molly out. mostly. felt so good to get all the gunk and leaves outta the swimming hole. ready to lounge by the oasis all. day. long.

it's taking me for-ever to get my soiled turned and ready for tomatoes, green, it's been raining so much...

Now's the time I need to start updating like a mad woman...with our bedroom being on the lower (non-computer) level, I don't get upstairs often. Surely you'll forgive me.

Here goes: Time for updates....

I am officially 34 weeks plus 5 days. I reckon I will have this little guy in about 4 weeks, maybe a smidge over. Quite honestly, I feel kinda horrible...but will try not to focus on that. Wondering if I just felt that much better with the 5 previous...or what but man, this heartburn is almost too much. My back hurts badly in one particular spot, all the time. My ribs are numb. On a positive note, my complexion has been ok (and I've just jinxed myself...ha ha) Besides that, tiny guy keeps finding himself heads up, though it's been a few days since he's been that way. sometimes he just moves so much, so painfully that I can't help but worry that he will wrap himself up in his cord. As soon as I think it, I pray for him...what else can a mom do? Tomorrow is my midwife appt! Yah...hopefully she tells me he is head down and staying that way. I'm as huge as a house. To document this, Natalie is driving over here, as I type, to take some pictures of this blessed last event. I'm nervous because I don't like to have my pic taken but excited because she does such a good job and because this is so final, special. ya know? I've never taken special pix of my prego self. When she is done, she will be driving back to Danville with my oldest 3 kids till Friday...they are SO excited. They love their Aunt Nat, Uncle Nick and tiny beautiful RyRy.

Things seem to be winding down now for the summer and I couldn't be happier. I know things will get crazy again, shortly, so we will hunker down and get all nesty. David is outta town for about 4-5 nights a week right now...which is sorta stressful...but he's on a good job, with a good crew and surely that has to be better than being home with me. ha ha.

Sorry for the rambly post. I'm really outta the groove. forgive me. I know there is more I wanted to blog about but I will pause for now and go spend time with my two current youngest kids. Until next time, L


Tory said...

Hey there, cute li'l preggo lady! I love your ramblings. It's the one way that I can tell that we are related. ;)

Honestly, you never cease to amaze me with your way busy life. Yet, somehow, you find time to humor us by sharing a glimpse into your daily adventures. As you know, I love your pix, my fav is of Mollie and Will, but my 2nd fav is of you. So cute! Of course, I cannot wait to see pix of #6, but I will be patient. So, that he can be healthy, and you can have a few more weeks of less interrupted sleep (I would have said uninterrupted, but I can imagine pregnancy might still wake you a bit. But, I wonder if a screaming baby wouldn't be a little more noticeable and disruptive to all other 7 peeps.)

I hope that the pix with Nat turned out, and that you are having a nice May. Oh, and I like your pink flowers. Nice touch. Hugs, t

Laurie and company said...

you crack me up. just in case you had forgotten. you always know just what to say to make this cat smile. I usually get your email stating that you commented, while I'm in a grocery line or waiting for this kid or that and it comes at JUST the right moment in my hairy day. Love you for that, dear cousin.
If you get on Facebook, the first two pix are up from Nat...the hands one is ROCKING! Can't wait to show 'em all of...I know she does a great job, it's just her subject (ME) that has me worried. hee hee.
How are you doing with end of year stuff? get your gardeny stuff planted? I might need u to come do mine real quick like...I can't seem to bend over. it's the weirdest thing.
Hi to your mom and pop and hugs from ya bunches.

Tory said...

Hey there, chickie! I know this is a late response, but as I think that I mentioned my laptop had been down. Guess it got a cold or something, but it is back. Needless to say, I am thrilled, but I am also playing catch up. All is going well, and I have just planted tomatoes this year. The other produce will just come from the farmer's market. My little plot is way too small to efficiently grow too much, and tomatoes are really the only thing that taste different fresh (to me). And, if it weren't for the drive, I would love to come plant your garden or especially see the much anticipated numero sies. ;) Did you end up getting a garden or are you just chilin'? Anyway, I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you, as I often do. I most often think about you when I am in the nursery at church or when I see someone with a handful of children. But, then again, I think of you when I am stamping. ;) I hope that you are having a good June and that baby isn't giving you too much trouble. Hugs cuz, t