Monday, April 25, 2011

li'l cutie pies

I'm really, really in a nesting mood.

The way I "see it", I have about 6.5 weeks till little dude arrives. Man, that's totally graspable. I just cannot wait to see him...

Anyways, all was well, or so I thought, with him being in head down position. Tonight, while laying and reading Ree Drummond's hilariously romantic bio, I noticed some hiccups up under my ribs. what the heck? When did he do the ol' switcheroo? could that have happened while I was mowing the lawn? I dunno...but 32 weeks (this Friday) is generally when baby is nestled all snug in a head down position.

In other news, we've discovered the show "Pushing Daisies" I'm gonna go now and watch with the fam.

Happy rainy Monday.


Natalie said...

Little man needs to cooperate!! :( Turn back arooound!

Anonymous said...

Hope your little guy cooperates and turns soon. Praying....Shellee

Tory said...

I absolutely love, love, love the scrapbook page. How clever you are! Maybe, it's all of that nesting that has caused the baby to be so excited that he is doing somersaults. We will just pray that he is in the proper position when the timing is right. Anyway, I have a good feeling about baby number 6.

Noshings said...

Heeeeeey woman!
was thinking about you guys today =) glad to hear there was a switcheroo...Megs never did that.
The obstinant little twerp!
oh and Pushing Daisies is funny lol
Will come to see you soon, Im kind of under the weather, so I'll hold off until I feel unickified.
xo, nic