Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the past week or so...

Ok, so this is totally outta order, but it took forever to show up in my inbox....this bad boy, is the Boon high chair. It's pneumatic. It's quite a spectacle. He won't even be in it for a minute but I wanted to put it together...a definite conversation piece.
Saturday night, we had the pleasure of dining, Cuban-style, with John and Wendy B...this was the end of our evening, after some outside time at Mo'Joes coffee shop...

View from floor 32 of the OneAmerica bldg, where John works at Ice view!

This was another really amazing thing that happened to us last week. I don't even know where to begin to blog about I will do so down below.

Friday evening, 4/8/11, after a day spent in Bloomington (will blog about that later) we lit some candles, got some flashlights and commenced porch season! I think D. was trying to tell scary stories here. those spooky little floating lights to the left are just candles but whatta cool pic, eh?

This tree has really been a source of nice shade. which was ok before we put our pool close by. Eventually, someday, when we grow up, we will put a garage on our property, so this tree would most likely have had to go anyways. Now, on to lotsa sun and a warmer pool this summer. buh bye tree! Thanks Joe Marlin, for dropping it for us!

Levi wanted to pose by downed tree...he's a goof ball.

Ok, so the above pic of that pile of supposed rubble?

I got an email last week from Pam half of Kaleo and Phos/Ontos main leadership...stating that they had picked up a big pile of donations from a local baby superstore. In her garage, she had her own baby superstore to give away...Yup, give. away. and we were the lucky recipients. wow. Just amazing to see how God can surprise and bless.

In our possession, we have a Boon highchair (very retro and very cool), a diaper wipes warmer (I have NEVER had one of these before. and it's only right that our LAST baby would be blessed enough for a warm tush), little seat for the tub, bassinet, that doubles as movable cradle and changing table (very nice with a two level house), body pillow (I LOVE this!!!), changing table with 6 canvas drawers, JJ Cole diaper bag, clothes and onesies, socks, snow suit, BOB jogging stroller (whoa!!), prenatal monitor, and honestly, there is more but I will cut it short. I had left David and the boys at soccer practice so I could go pick this stuff up and when I picked him up, showed him the goods in the back of the van (weighing it down, naturally), the man shed some tears. I know the pressure on him is immense, paying for homebirth (insurance doesn't cover this), this, that, and the other baby item that we will need, and just everyday life with five out of womb kids, so it was very cool to witness a bit of relief for my man! He works hard for his family!!

I think I just need a few odds and ends as well as a stroller/car seat combo for the first 6 months. Not to forget the amazing gift of baby boy clothes, blankets, nursing cover, bouncy seat and other goodies from my friend, Nicky back in Feb. I'd gotten rid of EVERYTHING after these gifts from extraordinary people are not taken lightly. Thank YOU!!

Thanks for letting me post all of this...I really want to make sure to remember this God-given event in our lives. It's truly a gift from Him.

In other news, my sister in law, Emilie, welcomed her little fella, James Avery, yesterday. He weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz and apparently, due to his quick delivery (15 min of pushing), he has a hole in his little baby lung. He is in ICU but is stable, praying that the hole heals on it's own. I will post pix when I figure out how to steal them from her FB. We all would appreciate prayers for this tiny guy.

There is so much I could blog about but I will close for tonight....

future highlights:
~Will is studying to get his driver's permit. yes, he's 16.5. better late than never...we will need him to drive himself and E to their homeschool academy next fall...more on that later.
~D's big job coming up in Centerville, IN. I have a feeling I won't see him much between now and nameless baby's birth. never can tell with these things.
~Tromping thru the woods of East Bloomington with my midwife. Bluebell hunt...didn't take enough pix of this but what an adventure.
~Endless pursuit of a name for this li'l fighter inside...still taking suggestions tho we've stopped telling people what our "ideas" are...I may just name him Braxton Hicks Young. yeah, I like that.

Ok, outta here...hope this was good enough till I can find my camera. oy vey. God bless and Happy Wednesday.


Tory said...

Yay! I have missed your posts, and I am so thankful for two posts at one time.

And, what an amazing bounty! I am so excited for you and baby #6. By the way, since we refer to him as #6, I looked it up on Wikipedia in various languages. 2 names stood out: Luke and Ben. Just thinking. Oh, and dad votes for Luke Benjamin while mom thinks that Benjamin Luke sounds good. ;) Then, I just found a Matt...Oh well, I will be interested to see what you choose. Maybe, you just need to wait to meet him...

Anyway, I hope that you are doing well and enjoying this wonderful Spring.

Hugs, t

Laurie and company said...

I know, I will be interested to see what we choose too, Tory...I can't believe we don't have a set name for this kid yet. it's really bugging me. but we're tossing a few around....Ben is a consideration, and while I like Luke (I'm a Star Wars girl after all), Ken and Jayne have a boy named Luke.
How is your Spring down there?? I bet it's pretty!

Hope you are doing well, dear cuz!

Tory said...

You are correct; the spring has been nice here with lots of lovely flowers. (The daffodils, azaleas, irises,, it's time for the Strawberries). But, it certainly has been a hinky day it's 40, and one day it's high 80s. Okay, so, I am really not complaining, but I just don't want anyone to think that it's all roses. ;) I need to get going on the garden, but it looks like that won't be until early May.

Hugs, t