Thursday, April 21, 2011

Levi's such a lucky boy/Time in a bottle cont.

2005? this is the only kid that tilts his head to the side like his father.

2004? that's a big baby ya got there, sir.

2004, at one of many soccer games...this is a sight I will never tire of, one of our kids on this man's shoulders.

he used to LOOOOVE haircuts from Dad....2005. He'd be eating hair by the end because you can see that hand in that mouth. not a good combination. lotsa gagging. snot and tears.

this was at a friend's wedding...and this is during a Village People song...that little sailor hat on that sweet baby face was pure adorableness. 2005

Levi as a carry on. he used to be so tiny. 2006

taking in some fireworks with his Dad. 2009

David's just a big kid...2006

HEY! the sun is shining today. It's really quite incredible how that can really lift one's spirits. is it just me? I know the weekend holds lotsa thunderstorms and stuff but just knowing that the weather will be a bit warmer helps a lot.

I'm not sure why I wanted to post these pix of Levi and David other than the sheer fact that I know how much I love to see pix of my sibs and I with one of my parents or David with one of to see a slew of pix of one of my kids with a parent is heart warming. (wow, that was a blabbery mouthful. sorry)

David is a really good dad. broken record. He does creative things with his kids, gets them moving, motivated and spends as much of his "free" time and even work time with his them as he can. I'm just thanking God for putting such a cool guy in my life. yeah, he can drive me crazy and I KNOW I do the same to him, but that's really what makes this whole wild n crazy life worth living. We are in this together and he's really picked up a lot of slack with my weird pregnancy. He holds us accountable in our spiritual lives and is a reasonable sounding board for us when we face situations of confusion.

Levi, you are one blessed little guy to have a dad that cares about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health so much. I can't even imagine being a dad and knowing just how responsible you are for each of your kids and spouse. That's a heavy load and he carries it well! I love you, David. You are an encouragement to all of us.

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