Saturday, April 16, 2011

My almost full quiver...aka time in a bottle

Will Franklin born 10/16/94: though this was taken in North Dakota, summer of 1996. He's nearly two here so he doesn't fit the baby baby mode of the following pix, but it is one of my absolute all time fave Will pix. Taken by my cousin Dawn. I miss this boy but this is who I see when I look UP at him every day.

Ethan James born on 2/14/96. This pic was taken in my parents' basement, where we were living between N. Dakota and our Beech Grove apt. This, also, is who I see when he is talking to me, telling me some tidbit of history, daily. lookit those killer peepers. my goodness...

Melanie Kate born 5/31/98. This was taken on the very bed she was born on (well, sorta) in the house (of sorts) that we discovered on Sunday, the last day of May, a daughter for the family. Not only do I see this face when she's telling me some story and infusing it with 100 "likes" but I hear my sister crying as she videotaped the birth and I said "It's a GIRL....."

Levi Taylor born on 10/31/02...and yes, this is the little ragamuffin fella I see when he's asking me a question over and over (even though I've answered him). This little guy with the rough start and continued struggles with sensitivity to loud sounds (oh, how did he end up with me as a parent??? why Lord??) but gentle giant he is. I love this little struggler...we struggle together. and that little tongue. ahhhh. that boy. can't believe he's 8 now.

Molly Christine born 7/9/07 and what a sweet little last baby we thought we had....she was SUCH a good baby, good sleeper, good natured...and now. well, we won't dwell on that. for she is still pretty good natured. just misunderstood. This pesky little face is most definitely the one I see when she's got her hands on her hips and she's setting me straight about this sibling or that, mistreating her. oh boy. wonder how she will handle a little brother.

Man, can I brag and say "MY KIDS WERE ALL SO DANG CUTE, PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL!!!"...those faces. whew!

here, I'd like to insert a generic photo of a baby...I have my ideas of what this 4th boy will be like...I'd like for him to be a nice little mixture of Will, Ethan and's like Christmas, waiting to see what this little gift will be like. I know he's twitchy and wiggling. he kicks me in a certain spot and my belly goes numb. future soccer player like his siblings before him? I bet.

speaking of soccer...Levi, Will and E had their first games. I stayed home from the big boys' game with sick Molly and Levi. It's cold outside. It's slightly rainy.

Ok, the troops are home with the ingredients for the strawberry/mandarin salad we are making for dinner so I'm outta here...adios!

ADDENDUM: Strawberry/mandarin salad with honey mustard dressing was a hit. at least for me. Also found my camera tonight. it was in the boys' bathroom?? go figure. Off to enjoy some Nutter Butter's and check on my sick little girl. Our trip to Illinois depends on her!


Tory said...

This post made me all weepy. I found it to be sweet and heartfelt. And, I love looking back at these pictures, since I haven't seen many of them.

Oh, and glad that you found your camera. But, I would be scared to see what pictures just might be on there. ;)

I hope that you had a nice time in Illinois (I think that I saw on Fbook where you were able to go).

Laurie and company said...

thanks for humoring me, cousin the words of Whitney Houston, "I get so emotional, baby..." I'd love to take one week where you have your scrapbooks and I have mine and we catch up on our lives....fill in the voids.
As for that camera?? there were only 2 funny pics of Mel and Levi. they're so weird. and the camera was in, of all places, the boys' bathroom...yikes. what??
Yup, we did have a great time in many baby boys joining our family this year...
and hey!! thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful Easter card and thoughts. You are such a thoughtful chick..even with all you have to do. and I always think I will do the same thing when I get yours and then it's a year later. Thank you, sweet girl. It is so nice to be thought of by you and yours. Hugs and love and Happy EASTER to you, Aunt Linda and Uncle David.