Wednesday, December 15, 2010

past few days....

This is CeCe....aka Cyndy. She was one of my first friends in Indy. She also was a bridesmaid in our wedding. She also just happens to be the sister of my brother in law, Scott. So fun to think we share nieces. Funny how those things work out, eh? In this pic, we are at Nora's little Christmas program last Thursday. Last night, we attended Piper's Christmas program...Surely Tom will be posting pix on Facebook for me to steal. love ya, Cyndy. you're a good auntie.

so nice to see some siding on the ol' abode!

Bye bye've worn out your welcome.
due to the frigid temperatures, Randypants hasn't been able to finish the siding. Plus, he's working for D's company...there's even more than this above pic finished and even unfinished, David and I are just in awe of what a difference siding makes. Green makes me happy.

This group of kids and their mothers bought supplies for 12 gentlemen...gloves, socks, toothbrush and paste, lotion, donate to the Wheeler Mission Ministry here in Indy. My awesome, compassionate friend, Tammy, organized this. love that girl.

In other exciting yet scary news, I had my first prenatal with our uber cool midwife, Mary Helen on Wednesday. I am 13 weeks+ along and since it's early, she told me we may not hear the heartbeat. It only took her 30 seconds with her Doppler to find #6's heartbeat and kapow! it was so strong.

so real.

so undeniable that, yes, there is another Young a-brewing. Kinda makes it seem real. She was really surprised at how loud, steady the little ticker was. I bet it's twins. She also poked my finger (youch) and I am slightly anemic, which explains the breathlessness even though I exercise 6 days a week. My liquid iron should arrive on my doorstep today. We are sooo very happy with our midwife. She is so much like our previous one (who just lives too far away from us now)...and such a calming influence....yah.

I shall return later on to hopefully post more pix but for now, Mel and I are ditching the four other kids here at home while we venture out to do a little Christmas shopping/hunting.

See ya later, taters...


Tory said...

oooohhhh, pictures and a mystery...i love it! cannot wait for the mystery to be revealed. it's like an advent event!

Anonymous said...

The siding looks great! I am sure you were glad to see it go up....can't wait for the unveiling of the mystery pics... :)(lol)

Tory said...

still (sorta patiently) waiting! p.s. happy birthday tomorrow, cuz

Laurie and company said...

oh, sorry faithful bloggies...Shellee, you will appreciate the first pic in this post....CYNDY!!

cousin, I hope this post lived up to all of your expectations...I'm in kind of a blogging slump right now but with the coming holidays, I'm sure that will change (I hope) thanks for being faithful, girls, and coming back around. I love you both!!

Hugs hugs and blessings to you! Thanks for the birthday wishes, Tory dear...I will always be older than you. ha ha

Tory said...

Funny stuff! Thank you for taking time out of your uber busy life to update us and make our day.

As for the joke about always being older than me, I am on the floor laughing...that's supposed to be my line!

Hope you and Ms. Mel-Mel have fun shopping, t

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laurie! Oh, so good to see Cyndy! The last time I saw her, Joel was not born yet. (he's 5 now)(Matter of fact, he was born the last night of her church's missions conf. that we were at. (we had to leave early, lol)

Mary Helen is awesome! (Mary Helen Ayers, right?) She helped deliver our twins! :) Praying for you my friend, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing!
I love green siding, too. That will be our color if we ever move to TN and build something. (Big dreams...)
Twins, huh... That would be fun! But, you've got good help.
Keep us updated!