Thursday, December 30, 2010

we start 'em out young 'round here...

Molly loves the treadmill. she's on there right now and she just told me she needs to use my iPod.

You go, GIRL!


Tory said...

Okay, so I love the irony of the title...starting out Young. But, best of all, I love the barefeet. That child is a southern girl at heart!

wv: idahint (I'da hint at what I wanted for Christmas, but'e didn't get it!)

Laurie and company said...

ha ha...i did think about that when I was typing it. Good job catchin' it, cousin!
She really is a southern girl at heart...want her? :)

your wv was hilarious.

you're hilarious.

Tory said...

We'll definitely take her! You know, talking about being southern. I have finally figured out the key to telling a story the southern way. And, you my cousin, seem to know it well. It's not saying that you have 6 kids, it's saying that you have 5 kids + 1...or not saying 5 days until Chrismtas, but it's 5 sleeps until Christmas! I LOVE it!

Thank you for the kind words, and Happy New Year to ya'll, cousin!