Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Baby...

As parents, we've never pushed the Santa theory.

We've watched all the holiday specials with him in them.
We've always put cookies, carrots, milk and oats out for him and his reindeer.
We've always enjoyed scaring them when they were little...Will was especially frightened of the man in red. Ethan's preschool teachers pulled me aside in the weeks before Christmas saying I might want to "talk to him" (as if) because he was upsetting all of his friends by telling them Santa wasn't real. (rebel rouser)

S0, Wednesday night as we sauntered around the mall, Molly saw this very authentic Santa and wanted to get her picture taken with him. Levi was a little more tentative but he gave in. David was a total sucker (so cute) for Molly's request...and here is the result. A 5 x 7 piece of immortality...

Molly sat there and told him all the things she wanted, fearlessly. I guess that's good.
Today's a busy day...our good friends are going out of town for a few weeks for the holidays so we are going to spend some time with them...David's working, Randy's finishing our siding, the kids are helping me with the littles so I can spend some time with Tambo....

and on we go...hope this finds you well. busy weekend ahead. pix of siding up soon.

Emmanuel...God with Us.


Tory said...

Hey there, cuz! I was just making one of my endless Christmas wishes...that you would have blogged, and here it was! I love the picture of the little ones with the jolly ol' elf. Simply magical.

Am so glad that Randy is working on the siding. I know that you are loving that.

Thank you for taking a moment out of your frantically, busy life.

Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Laurie!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season! We have been Hugely blessed here, with a huge surprise - all of our belongings that were in Tokyo are now in my computer/music room!!! God is SO good, He provided so we didn't have to pay a dime (almost $1000 worth of shipping) My little guys are still bouncing off the walls! May you have a blessed week.